Elsa Lets Her Hair Down: 10 Fanart Pieces That Reimagine Disney Princesses Without Their Iconic Hairstyles

Fans can easily identify each Disney princess by their iconic hairstyle, whether it’s a formal up-do like Cinderella has or Merida’s flowing curly locks. Some artists have reimagined these characters with different hairstyles and the result is amazing. It transforms them into someone new and gives a new take on fans’ perception of them as they view them in a new light.

The artists use a variety of styles to bring these characters to life, as well as transport them to different eras of time. Each piece is truly unique and fans adore each one every one of these new takes on their timeless favorites.

Elsa’s Wonderful Mullet

Anna keeps her signature braids in this portrait, while Elsa takes on a whole new persona by sporting a mullet. It is a modern take on these two as Elsa becomes the rebel and outcast she feels she is on the inside. Fans loved the addition of the snowflake tattoos at her hip and Aaantahla is the artist behind this masterpiece.

A Victorian Hairstyle For Ariel

Ariel fan art by Harbringer5581

Ariel is often the picture of freedom in The Little Mermaid as she has free reign of the ocean and the untamed red hair to prove it. This portrait paints her as more of a respectable lady with a matching Victorian-era up-do to boot. She still has her bangs, but the way her hair is pulled back into a bun gives the impression that she is all grown up and Harbringer5581 is the artist whom fans can thank for creating this piece.

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Snow White Adds Streaks Of Color

snow fan art by Dim-Draws

This version of Snow White traded in her jet-black and short-cropped hair for flowing locks with streaks of color. The addition of reds, purples, and blues plays into her nature-centered personality and works to highlight the green of her eyes and gown. Dim-Draws is the artist behind this piece whose imagination with her hairstyle gave this Disney princess new life and purpose, as well as grants fans a new perspective of Snow White.

Tiana Sees More Curls

tiana fan art by Kawacy

Tiana finds herself in a white jazz dress during the film and it is accompanied by a short hairstyle with two slight curls at the edges. This portrait transforms this look by taking those curls up a notch and adding even more elegance and beauty to its design.

She is the picture of beauty the way her hair is volumized and seems to move with the numerous curls atop her head. This piece was created by an artist named Kawacy and their reimagination of her classic hairstyle in this scene is unlike anything fans have ever seen before.

Merida’s Complicated Up-Do

merida fan art by TiffanyMarsou

Merida usually has some wild hair with curly red locks that seem to expand in every direction. This artist still captured the essence of her hair, while styling it in a more formal fashion. It gives Merida a renewed sense of beauty and sophistication which TiffanyMarsou, the artist, decided to create for her in this piece.

Rapunzel’s Layered Hair

Tangled Rapunzel fan art by Nippy13

Rapunzel’s hair seems to go on forever due to its extreme length, and this artist managed to capture that in this portrait. She is often seen with it down or in a thick braid, but now it is curled and pinned atop her head in a way that makes it look like a fancy hat or wig. Some might have thought it would be difficult to reimagine her iconic Disney hairstyle, although, an artist named Nippy13 managed this feat.

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Mulan’s Whispy Strands

Mulan fan art by NanFe

When Mulan is viewed in both the animated and live-action films her hair is jet-black, full, and smooth. This portrait adds a sense of disarray to her hairstyle as it appears thinner than usual and whisps of hair float in every direction.

The artist even added a touch gray to a few of her strands which works to modernize this princess in this piece. NanFe is the artist behind this piece who altered the perception of this character with a few simple changes to her iconic hairstyle.

Moana Adds Another Layer

This version of Moana might not differ a ton from the one that fans are used to seeing, but it still alters her signature style enough to be noticed. She is given a half-ponytail that adds an extra layer to her already voluminous hair and it makes her look older in a way. Fernanda Suarez is the artist behind this piece whose slight change to this princess transformed her into someone completely new.

Cinderella With Shoulder-Length Hair

Cinderella is often seen with her hair pulled back in a ponytail or put on top of her head for the infamous ball. This artist decided to give her an edge and crop her hair to sit above her shoulders, as well as flatten her usually rounded bangs. Zeebythesea_ is the artist behind this piece whose addition of this hairstyle takes away the innocence and naivety that this character is often associated with, and fans love the change.

Belle With A Modern Twist

Belle is given a modern twist in this rendition as she is given longer hair that is pulled back in a hair-wrapped ponytail. She still has the same vibe, but it brings her looks into the current century, especially with the strands hanging in front of her face. Fernanda Suarez is the artist behind this piece who gave her a hairstyle that girls all over the world would want to copy for themselves, whether they prefer the live-action or the original Beauty and the Beast.

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