How to Evolve Fidough Into Dachsbun in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

The fairy-type Pokémon Dachshund, a combination of the Dachshund breed and the bread bag, is Fidough in Pokémon Scarlet and VioletDachsbun shares its Dog Pokémon classification with another Pokémon, Bolthund, an evolved form of Generation 8 Yampers, and is described as having an alluring aroma when heated. Its scent is said to help wheat grow.

Develop Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Turning Fidough into a Dachsbun is easy: get Fidough to level 26. However, if a player wants to skip the upgrade, especially if they decide to add Dachsbun to their roster later in the game, Dachsbun can be destroyed. caught in an evolutionary form. It is located near the towns of Alfornado and Zapapico and in the Third Region of the Western Province. Upgrading Fidough to level 26 to get the Dachsbun, or getting it, will give the player a huge defensive advantage against fire thanks to one of its latent abilities, Toast.

Upgrade Fidough to Dachsbun

Dachsbun has two possible abilities: Well-Baked Body and Aroma Veil. Aroma Veil is a hidden ability that prevents Dachsbun and its allies from attacks that limit movement options. Bulbapedia lists these actions as Encore, Torment, Heal Block, Cursed Body, Disable, Taunt, and Infatuation. Aroma Veil is also one of the possible abilities of a colleague scarlet and purple The 9th generation Pokémon Lechonk and its evolved form is Oinkolgne. Another ability, a toned body, is unique to Dachsbun. When a fire attribute attack hits this Pokémon, it will take no damage and its defense will be greatly increased.

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If the player is going to evolve their Fidough and want it to have the Well-Baked Body ability, they need their Fidough to have their own rhythm ability, not the hidden Klutz ability. Own Tempo prevents the Pokémon from being affected by a state of confusion or fear, while Klutz makes it impossible for the Pokémon to use held items. Own Tempo forever evolves into Well-Baked Body, Klutz forever evolves into Aroma Veil. While Aroma Veil has its uses, toast makes Dachshund an even more impressive defensive Pokémon, as it acts as an ability in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

According to Youtuber foofootoo, Dachsbun is also a versatile attacking Pokémon. Dachsbun with Play Rough, Physical Fairy-type move, and Earth-type TM, Stomping Tantrum, makes it capable of hitting all types of Pokémon with decent damage. Since the evolution of Fidough into Dachsbun only requires it to reach level 26, the player can easily obtain Dachsbun Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Source: YouTube foofootoo, Bulbapedia

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