Elden Ring: How To Get Every Immunizing Horn Charm

The Horn of Immunity magic is Elden’s ring This increases one’s immunity, which increases resistance to poison and Crimson Rot. Wearing this Talisman is good for health when crossing the rotting wastes of the Caelid or the Ainsel River. In addition, the Immunity Horn Charm will be very useful when fighting challenging bosses with a rotting attack like Malenia, Miquela’s blade.

The Horn of the Immunity Amulet can be found at Elden’s ring is a giant anthill in a cave full of corpses on the southwest corner of the Ansel River. To get to this area, Tarnished can be teleported to Ainsel River Main through the portal in Renna’s Rise, or take the elevator at Ainsel River Well in East Liunia, Lake District. Remember, the second path is closer. When the player reaches the underground area below, they will have to walk through several tunnels of giant ants to reach the nest with the amulet. Therefore, Pilgrims of the Tarnished should be fully equipped and leveled up before embarking on a quest.

To get the Immunity Horn Charm in Elden’s ring, go south along the river from the Ainsel River Well Depths. At the fork, the player can walk through the ruins of Ur Palace or dash through the queen’s nest. Next, pass the guards patrolling the passage to the lower Ansel River. Note the deformed star hanging above. Continue southeast into the cave and loot the corpse behind the Ant to get the Horn Immunity Charm.

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Location of Horn of Immunity in Elden Ring

The Scarlet Rot/Poison Soothing Amulet also has an unclassified variant called the Immunity Horn Charm +1. The defiled adventurers can obtain it by killing an Ancestral follower in the Rotten Lake. Note that this part of the Ansel River cannot be reached until the protagonist defeats General Laden and completes the recovery of Lanny’s hidden treasure.

After defeating Baleful Shadow in Ranni’s quest, proceed to the Shoreside Site of Grace, Lake of Rot. Ancestral Watchers can be found in Putrid Liquid in the southeast. As such, bleak adventurers must ensure that they have enough Crimson Rot healing capacity to endure the trip to and from the lake as well as the duration of the battle. After the Ancestor Watcher is killed, be sure to pick up the +1 Immunity Horn Charm from it, as the amulet will not be picked up automatically.

Elden’s ring Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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