Horizon Forbidden West DLC Can Fix The Base Game’s Flying Problems

Although impressive at the end of the flight Forbidden HorizonThe game is coming out fire coast The DLC can correct this unfortunate omission. The post-apocalyptic open-world adventure features Aloy taming and piloting a variety of new and familiar machines, including the aerial Sunwing. Soaring through the sky of wooded California can be breathtaking, but fire coast Could make the experience more enjoyable.

Announced last year at The Game Awards 2022, Forbidden Horizon news Board, fire coast, will see Aloy venture to long-abandoned Los Angeles to hunt down a reawakened metal demon. The expansion, slated for release on April 19, will introduce new characters and fascinating new areas for you to explore from the air, land, and sea. fire coast It has been revealed that developer Guerrilla Games has confirmed that Forbidden Horizon The expansion will only be available on PlayStation 5. While this may come as a surprise to fans as the sequel will also launch on PlayStation 4, it’s a decision that could lead to the development of the game. the game’s lackluster flight mechanics.

Horizon Forbidden West’s aerial flight is impressive

While the first game only had Aloy piloting ground-based machines like the Strider and Charger, Forbidden HorizonUnlockable mounts include planes, so the player can fly over the jungles and jungles of the game. Unfortunately, this novel mechanism is not as impressive as expected. The Sunwing pylon is disappointingly slow to fly, making aerial exploration feel more sluggish than stressful or thrilling. Forbidden Horizon There’s also a lack of air combat, making it impossible for players to swoop down on unsuspecting machines and shoot arrows at them. Fortunately, fire coast The DLC and its PlayStation 5 exclusivity have the potential to make flying even more appealing.

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Horizon Forbidden West’s Burning Shores DLC could make flying even better

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores main art, shows Aloy and a certain NPC flying on Sunwing's back towards a giant machine that appears to be eating the Hollywood Sign.

fly around the world Forbidden Horizon Seems to be limited by PlayStation 4’s outdated features, but coming soon fire coast DLC is not available on PS4. This means that expansion packs can take full advantage of the PlayStation 5’s hardware, giving the opportunity for faster flights because the SSD can load new terrain very quickly. The console can also sustain 120 frames per second, potentially allowing for aerial combat without affecting the speed or stability of the experience. Advertising art for Horizon Forbidden West: The Burning Shore There’s even Aloy sitting on Sunwing’s back with a spear in hand, which could tease the addition of air combat.

Forbidden Horizon PS4 players are definitely fire coast DLC won’t come to last-gen consoles, but expansions are in the works western tabooThe base game should provide the best possible experience. Without the limitation of consoles from a decade ago, fire coast Hopefully it can make flying more fun by increasing the speed of the air mount and even adding air combat. By taking full advantage of the power of PlayStation 5, fire coast DLC can make the sky Forbidden Horizon More engaging navigation.

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