Hulk Returns To Horror as Marvel’s Top Monster-Slayer in New Series

For the first time in years, Marvel is ready to bring The Incredibles back amazing hulk. Like when restarting a new commit amazing hulk In the series, Hulk will return to terror as he and Bruce Banner wage a new war against the Marvel Universe against supernatural threats, and a new “Age of Monsters” is coming. officially started.

With Marvel announcing that writer Philip Kennedy Johnson and artist Nick Klein will direct, Hulk will return to his original name. amazing hulk Starting in the summer of 2023. It should also be noted that Hulk of the Year #1 (in theaters May 17) will feature a special preview of the re-release, which hits stores June 21.

Over the years, Bruce Banner’s vibrant hero profile has gone through countless changes, changes, and changes, both in terms of series and characters, but most importantly, his name. The Hulk has always been immortal, indestructible, or “The Hulk” for short, but he’s finally returning to his “incredible” moniker with a whole new mission: to stand in the middle of the Universe. Marvel and the monsters are ready to destroy it.

monster killer hulk

Bruce Banner is tracked by Hulk

Marvel’s Promo Promises for Once Upon a Time Hulk The relationship of Run, Bruce Banner, and the protagonist is more fractured than ever (which says a lot, given their history). However, as Hulk attempts to take complete and permanent control of Bruce’s body, a mysterious immortal turns every monster in the Marvel Universe, old and new, against the big man and his companion. his average body.

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Johnson, known for popular horror stories in movies like “Alien” and “Marvel Zombie: Resurrection,” will lead Bruce Banner into a world full of menace when a monster battle rages with his mind. point is Hulk. new depth. After Thor’s explosive chase with Donny Cates, Nic Klein’s knack for capturing the Hulk’s terrifying rampage and his horror showdown will make this the scariest book on the shelf ! The pair will also explore Bruce Banner’s state of mind, plunged into turmoil at the end of his most recent relationship with Bruce and Hulk, which is more fractured than ever. Fans will experience a brutal hunt as Hulk is hunted by brand new monster characters as well as beloved classic characters, all united in a sinister new scheme. .

It’s all about freeing the creator of these monsters, the Mother of Terror. Now, with the help of an unlikely friend, Banner and the Hulk must reluctantly team up before the world is forever plunged into darkness.

Hulk’s new evolution returns to its roots

As mentioned above, Hulk has continued to transform and evolve throughout his superhero history and career. Becoming an official Monster Hunter is his most recent personality change, but one that’s particularly important considering the series has brought him back to his old name. What’s old is new, so to speak, and while the reboot brings Hulk back to his roots, it’s an introduction to a character he’s never seen before. Hulk has tried his hand at horror before, he’s traveled into space, conquered his own planet, and theoretically done it all, but slaying supernatural monsters once and for all. is often completely new territory for Mastodon.

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Time will tell what Klein and Johnson will do with this material, when Johnson (who is behind Marvel Zombies: Resurrection) While Klein appeared complacent with Donny Cates’ classic Thor run, it’s safe to say the duo are ready for the job. excellent Hulk #1 Coming to manga and digital stores starting June 21.

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