Conundrum: What is lighter than air and more fragile than glass to lift? Only 29 seconds left for the correct answer!

Simple puzzles are not a source of entertainment but a very good warm-up exercise for our brains, helping to develop vocabulary, reasoning and a number of other cognitive skills. Here in this quiz, your task is to use your daily lessons and experiences to find the answer to the question below.

If you have difficulty with basic thinking, word puzzles are a great approach to improve your qualitative skills. You have to use logic or reason to solve them. Try this puzzle game to improve your analytical thinking.

What is a puzzle?

Here it is.

Check out the quizzes posted below.


Can you solve this puzzle?

Do you find this too easy?

Okay, let’s make this a challenge.

Set the timer to 29 seconds and try to find the answer within the given time.

Good luck!

Word puzzles help develop skills such as verbal reasoning, vocabulary, problem solving, spelling, grammar, and memory needed throughout a career. Additionally, this mental activity will improve your critical intuition and problem-solving skills. You will also develop your reasoning and decision-making skills.

By now you must have found the right logic, yes it is necessary. Clap is in order if you have an answer. We believe in your ability to make this happen.

Check your answers with us.

the answer is a bubbleSource:

Note: Perhaps this puzzle may have different logic and answers.

Hey, you did it. Follow Jagran Josh to enjoy these mental exercises even more.

Riddles: Hey Smartie! Do you have enough brain to solve this word puzzle in 11 seconds? Test your skills!

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