Attack on Titan: Why The Anime Changed Carla’s Death

Attack the giant Since its themes are always dark, existential, and tragic, it has some brutal deaths. Adapted from the manga of the same name by author Hajime Isayama, Attack the giant It revolves around Eren Yeager, who goes on to join the 104th Comrade after the smiling Titan devours his mother. While these events give way to Eren discovering the power to unleash the Titans themselves, as the movie progresses, his motives become more ambiguous and Eren becomes more and more of a traitor. hero with hidden ambitions.

Carla Yeager’s death is at the heart of Eren’s heartbreaking story, brutal and violent in both the manga and anime. However, the animation altered the details of Kara’s death in order to minimize the graphic shock and gory nature of her death, despite trying to deliver a strong emotional punch. Visually violent or not, Kara’s death is one of the first meaningful deaths on the show, especially given the backdrop of Ellen’s arc and the sheer brutality of the Titans.

Before the tragedy struck, Eren’s mother banned him from joining the Survey Corps after Mikasa expressed his desire to join the army. This definitely created a fight between mother and son, causing Ellen to run away from home for a while. However, during the invasion of the Maria Wall, giant giants breached the wall of the Shiganshina district, and some flying debris landed on Yeager’s house. Carla was trapped under the rubble, her legs crushed and unable to move. Eren and Mikasa tried to free her, but they couldn’t lift the heavy bar that was on top of her. Helpless and devastated, Kara sends an emotional goodbye to her children, begging them to escape before it’s too late.

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While this scene is particularly poignant even in the anime, the manga tries to evoke stronger emotions, as the panels detail what happens next, as well as Alan and Mikasa’s horrified reactions. . The Titan’s brutal act of pulling Kara’s body in the blink of an eye is devastating to watch, followed by the inevitable graphic depiction of the Titan gnawing at her torso. In fact, compared to the giant’s huge size, a rain of blood was insignificant, which further accentuated the imbalance between humans and giants.

While the anime depicts the scene with incredible nuance, as it’s a combination of dizzying animation and emotional soundtrack, the manga depicts Kara’s internal organs spewing out of her mouth. . Furthermore, Kara’s death hides a deeper level of cruelty, as she is eaten by Dina Fritz in her titan form, who happens to be Grisha Yeager’s first wife. However, Kara’s death is just the beginning of the end Attack the giantwhen even more twisted and grotesque natural horrors lurk at the edge of its war-torn world.

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