Marvel’s Midnight Suns: The Best Deck Build for Iron Man

Turn-based combat Marvel’s Midnight Sun The draw of cards corresponding to the hero’s abilities needs to be carefully coordinated, and Iron Man will make the most of this feature when building with DPS decks. Compared to the simpler characters in the game, Iron Man can be an odd example, as their cards are sometimes not normally discarded but are instead drawn back into the player’s hand with effects. additional application. Continuous damage dealers will only get stronger as the round goes on, and players looking to build the best deck of Iron Man should pay attention to how their cards change and manage their resources wisely. reasonable.

While Iron Man is listed as a utility character capable of dealing damage, providing tank defense, or supporting allies equally, YouTuber Fextralife suggests a mix of specs build his strongest deck into DPS than anything else. Iron Man’s strongest tool works best when he has a specific character card in his hand, when the player uses 3 Iron Man cards in a turn, using I will deal with this passive helps player +1 smoke weight. Normally, players have a chance to draw cards at the end of the round, but with Marvel’s Midnight Sun.

Use the quick blast to draw more Iron Man cards

The foundation of Iron Man’s best deck building is that Quick Charge is, as the name suggests, a knockback attack that acts as a fast card. When Iron Man uses this card, the player automatically draws another Iron Man card into his hand without spending any resources. If the player decides to upgrade this card further, Quick Blast can draw another Iron Man card for each kill on the battlefield. When this bar is raised, the player can easily stack Iron Man cards in their hand during all battles and keep Iron Man active every turn.

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A good strategy for Quick Blast involves using the environment as a magic midnight sun‘ Turn-based combat. Thanks to Quick Blast’s knockdown attribute, players with the upgrade card can use it to take down two low health enemies at once, and defeating them earns plenty of Iron Man cards. Iron Man uses this scheme to work well with characters like Blade, as Daywalker’s bleeding effects often leave enemies in vulnerable positions.

Deal massive damage with Surgical Strike

Marvels Midnight Suns False Lineup Not Enough Superhero Heroes Iron Man Captain America Doesn't Belong

Surgical Strike claims to be possibly the highest damage Iron Man can do in a single battle, attacking multiple enemies based on the number of Iron Man cards in the player’s hand. Although it takes 3 expensive Heroism to play this card without leveling up magic midnight sunIn the hangout system, players who make good use of Iron Man’s Redraw mechanism and the Quick Blast effect will be able to successfully use Surgical Strike. The card also has multiple execution methods, allowing the player to attack a specific enemy multiple times or deal damage to multiple enemies at once.

Similar to Quick Blast, Surgical Strike has a few upgrades that players need to prioritize to get the most out of this card. Reduced Heroism cost by 2 to give players more opportunities to use Surgical Strike’s devastating effect. However, players may also be interested in another possible improvement that is Iron Man will draw cards for each enemy in the game. Marvel’s Midnight Sun Killed in a Surgical Strike attack. Combined well with Surgical Strike’s freedom to repaint and assign target focus within KO range, players can get the most out of Iron Man this way.

Play more cards with Leave Me and Mark Goals

Marvel's Midnight Suns Iron Man prepares to attack targets from the air using card abilities in the Character Deck

If the player does not use Quick Blast immediately, they may have difficulty finding the Iron Man card in their hand, fortunately this risk is resolved by using Leave Me. This card is very useful at any point of the battle, players can draw two Iron Man cards and draw +2 to them at the end of the round. When leveled up, it also grants the rush trait, which reduces one cost for all cards that use Heroism, regardless of character. Considering the importance of hero cards in the hands of Iron Man and his teammates, such as Captain America Marvel’s Midnight SunThe best player to add this card to his deck.

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Quick combo on turn 1 and Let It Be Me is improved from the 2 Heroism it’s gained through Quick. Players can play Surgical Strike with Heroism after using Quick Blast to draw an Iron Man card as the second step of Leave It To Me. Mark Target is another utility card that applies Mark and Vulnerability to enemies, causing them to take more damage and for the player to repaint if they are defeated in two turns or less. When upgraded, marking targets causes these effects to be applied to an area of ​​effect (AoE) instead of a single target.

Destroy all enemies with air supremacy

Marvel's Midnight Sun Iron Man air superiority attack card with 4 costs of heroism and rockets that damages all enemies in the area

The last card Iron Man can use is Air Dominance, an ultimate card that requires 4 Heroism to use but skips Interrogation. Marvel’s Midnight Sun Deal damage to all enemies on the field at once. While not as stable as Surgical Strike under optimal conditions, the truth about deck building games is that drawing still requires a certain degree of luck. Air superiority is an alternative when the player’s strategy with overhead cards fails, while still playing the Iron Man DPS build used so far.

Air Superiority can also be used in the deck when a player is using Iron Man as their backup DPS instead of their primary DPS, or if they rely on Tony Stark’s utility rather than damage. Marvel’s Midnight Sun Great support for Iron Man, as their cards, such as Agamotto’s Gaze, retract Iron Man cards for side effects. Iron Man’s best deck building focuses specifically on individual heroes’ actions, but takes multiple approaches Marvel’s Midnight Sun The best tool to bring out your personality when working in a team.

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Source: YouTube channel/Fextralife

  • Marvel Midnight Sun 1 game poster Marvel’s Midnight Sun Franchise: Marvel Platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Steam, Epic Games Store Release time: 2022-12-02 Developer: Fireaxis Games Publisher: Game 2K Genre: Strategy, RPG ESRB: BILLION Description: Firaxis Games, developer/author of the X-COM series, presents Marvel’s Midnight Sun, an all-new tactical RPG set in the unique Marvel universe. When the world is threatened by an apocalyptic threat from a demon named Lilith, the heroes of the Marvel Universe will have to unite to fight the demons and corrupt Marvel heroes and villains. under the leadership of a unique player-created character named “Hunter” It’s the same. Players can team up with characters like Wolverine, Blade, and Ghostrider and participate in fast-paced strategy action games. Play time: 37 hours and 13 meters
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