Animal Crossing: How Many Art Pieces Does it Take to Complete The Museum

Since Jolly Redd and his Treasure Trawler pulled into players’ waters in Animal Crossing: New Horizons earlier this year, players have been able to purchase works of art from him. If players find an authentic version of the painting or sculpture, they can purchase it at a fair price and donate it to Blathers at the Museum for the Art Gallery. If they purchase a fake, one of Redd’s forgeries, however, Blathers will not take it, and it cannot be sold at Nook’s Cranny. This, along with the fact that Redd doesn’t carry many pieces on his Trawler at a time, makes collecting that much more challenging.

Players looking to complete their Museum, especially the Art Gallery, will want to visit the Treasure Trawler as often as possible and learn how to spot the authentic work amid the forgeries. There are 30 paintings and Y sculptures for players to collect and donate. Here’s every painting and sculpture players can collect to complete their Art Gallery at the Museum.

All Paintings Needed to Complete the Museum in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

There are 30 total paintings for players to collect, and 14 of those are always authentic and should be an instant buy when players see them in Redd’s boat. Here is every painting players will need to purchase and donate to complete the Art Gallery in the Museum:

  • Academic Painting
  • Amazing Painting
  • Basic Painting
  • Calm Painting (always authentic)
  • Common Painting (always authentic)
  • Detailed Painting
  • Dynamic Painting (always authentic)
  • Famous Painting
  • Flowery Painting (always authentic)
  • Glowing Painting (always authentic)
  • Graceful Painting
  • Jolly Painting
  • Moody Painting (always authentic)
  • Moving Painting
  • Mysterious Painting (always authentic)
  • Nice Painting (always authentic)
  • Perfect Painting (always authentic)
  • Proper Painting (always authentic)
  • Quaint Painting
  • Scary Painting
  • Scenic Painting
  • Serene Painting
  • Sinking Painting (always authentic)
  • Solemn Painting
  • Twinkling Painting (always authentic)
  • Warm Painting (always authentic)
  • Wild Painting, Left Half
  • Wild Painting, Right Half
  • Wistful Painting
  • Worthy Painting (always authentic)
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Players can consult online guides to learn how to tell the real from the fake.

All Sculptures Needed to Complete the Museum in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

A player looks around at sculptures in the Museum's Art Gallery in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

There are 13 statues players can purchase to donate to the Museum, with two that will never be forgeries. Here is every sculpture players need to find to complete the Art Gallery of the Museum:

  • Ancient Statue
  • Beautiful Statue
  • Familiar Statue (always authentic)
  • Gallant Statue
  • Great Statue (always authentic)
  • Informative Statue
  • Motherly Statue
  • Mystic Statue
  • Robust Statue
  • Rock-head Statue
  • Tremendous Statue
  • Valiant Statue
  • Warrior Statue

Like paintings, players will want to consult guides to learn how to tell the real from the fake sculptures to avoid purchasing any of the worthless forgeries.

Owl and villager in Animal Crossing

Players may be disappointed to find that there is no fanfare for completing the Art Gallery or completing the Museum in Animal Crossing: New Horizons yet. Right now, Blathers will thank the player and congratulate them on completing the Museum. Players are hoping future updates will include a reward as well as some new Museum updates, like the cafe and gift shop from previous games in the series.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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