Undertale’s Most Interesting Fan-Made Characters

Undertale’s incredible storytelling and artistic design have inspired many fan-made, original characters that look like they came straight from the game. Often, fanart creators will also write interesting backstories and personalities to go along with their characters’ visual designs. There are entire fan-made alternate universes, which is fitting as Undertale itself explores themes about existing in multiple timelines. Just as in Undertale’s canon narrative, there are fan-made characters that are incredibly dangerous and others that would be great companions in the Underground.

Every character that Undertale’s main character Frisk encounters throughout the game is visually unique. Some species resemble animals, such as dogs or rabbits; there is even a plant, Flowey. Others appear as more stereotypical monsters, such as ghosts or skeletons. Characters’ dialogue, battle moves, and weaknesses are largely influenced by what they look like. In this way, Undertale’s retro, pixel art style perfectly captures each character’s personality.

Undertale’s story is intentionally open-ended, allowing players to decide which characters to befriend. Frisk interacts with many monsters who do not have favorable opinions on humans and wishes to cause them harm. However, there are also monsters that help and care for Frisk, with the possibility of a few even becoming friends. These interesting fan-made Undertale monsters would make excellent companions during quests in the Underground.

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Best Undertale Fan-Art Character: Korien Is Boss Monster Royalty

Korien Pragma, created by masked-phantom-47, is no stranger to the tensions between monsters and humans. She is a Boss Monster and is part of the royal lineage, like the Dreemurr family. Just as in Undertale’s important and influential story, her fellow monsters are extremely fearful of humans. In fact, her family historically led their small kingdom into hiding. However, it is Korien’s interaction with a dying human that makes her particularly interesting. The human gives Korien their soul which fuses with her own, intensifying her magical abilities. Her power and bravery are visible in her sleek and detailed design. Korien Pragma’s leadership skills and magical strength would make her a perfect companion in any quest.

Best Undertale Fan-Art Character: Davy Is A Squid-Like Construction Worker

Undertale fan-made character candythemew

The fan-made, original character Davy by candythemew would not only make a loyal friend but a great addition to a potential Undertale sequel. This squid-like monster is often depicted wearing his work hat due to his devotion to his job as a construction worker. Davy’s lack of bones makes him long and lanky, but he is very strong and responsible for a lot of heavy lifting. Davy is introverted and enjoys collecting human artifacts. Even though he mostly keeps to himself, he has a very strong friendship with his boss. Davy’s physical strength, knowledge of human culture, and ability to form strong friendships would make him one of the best monsters to befriend.

Best Undertale Fan-Art Character: Snoey Is A Cute, Icy Ghost

Undertale fan-made character missholoska

Snoey is an incredibly cute original character created by missholoska. Snoey is a resident of Snowdin, a town explored in the historically significant RPG Undertale. Although she is not related to Napstablook, she is a ghost that eventually gains a body of ice after falling asleep in the snow. Snoey is able to wield snow and ice magic, although she would prefer to enjoy others’ company quietly. She seems to be particularly fond of Sans. Snoey’s design looks similar to a snow cone or icicle, but her eyes and hidden smile are quite warm and friendly. Taken altogether, Snoey would be one of the sweetest monsters to meet and get to know.

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Best Undertale Fan-Art Character: Kingsley Regium Is A Quirky Ghost

Undertale fan-made character balatro-spades

Kingsley Regium by balatro-spades has a backstory that would fit right into Undertale’s great narrative. After the separation of monsters and humans, Kingsley was executed by the humans because he was half monster. He returned as a curious and quirky ghost who is able to make objects float. Perhaps due to his long history, Kingsley is very intelligent and likes to give advice. He sleeps in his hat when tired, which makes it especially frustrating when it is misplaced. Kingsley Regium’s basic features and emotive face would translate well to Undertale’s art design. In addition to having a wide set of helpful skills and knowledge, this quirky monster would make a fun comrade. Although Undertale has inspired many original, fan-made characters, these monsters are particularly interesting and would be the best to befriend.

Source: masked-phantom-47, candythemew, missholoska, balatro-spades

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