Amanda Quick Husband Story

Amanda’s Quick Husband Story

Amanda Quick’s Husband Story – Amanda Quick realizes her sons are being raised by her current ex-husband for sex trafficking when one of them begins to embrace her and confess: “Dad for me suck daddy’s finger.”

Amanda’s Quick Husband Story

A Coldstream mom is writing The Sex Trafficker’s Wife to help her recover.

Quick wrote: “He was arrested for sex with children” during their marriage, adding that she wanted to believe he was innocent as a child to keep their small family. together.

She felt ashamed and guilty for staying.

When Quick witnesses her son’s inappropriate behavior, she realizes that protecting him and evaluating her husband should be her top priorities. “There are a few little things that I can always explain,” she says.

Coldstream is currently the home of the author of The Sex Trafficker’s Wife, A Story of Truth, Faith, and Trust In Self.

After a heated custody battle in Colorado, where it was hard to take away her husband’s parental rights, she and the children moved to Canada. The last time she talked to or saw her ex was in early 2020. Her children don’t remember much. “Covid is really a healing opportunity for our family,” she said. When Quick takes the stage at Vernon’s Towne Theater next week, he’ll talk about his path to recovery with people struggling.

She is scheduled to speak and sign the New York Times bestseller on April 18 at 6:30 p.m. KST.

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“I succeeded in overcoming the challenges. I managed to change and no longer consider myself a victim of circumstances,” she asserts.

She wants to pass on this spiritual strength to others who are dealing with tragedy in their lives.

“There’s so much that hasn’t been said, and everyone is silent in shame and remorse. Quick declares: “I want to talk about all the nasty issues.

During the discussion, questions will be asked from the audience, and resources and support will be provided to the victim.

News about “The Smuggler’s Wife”

My husband, who is also the father of my children, was detained in 2016 for conspiracy to traffic people. I am a housewife with three small children. My children and their happiness have always been at the center of my life. My whole life was turned upside down and all I could think about was what I could do to make sure my kids would be okay.

I used to think I would be fine if my kids were okay. As a result, I continued to be in my marriage. I persist in my belief that I must act this way for the well-being of my children. Just as a mother took away her father, children cannot take their father away from them. That is the most important thing.

But I blindly don’t know how bad I really am. I take control of my husband’s crimes. I made all of us responsible for his problems and workload. I was blinded by the fact that he was a very dangerous man with a broken spirit. I hurt my own soul and made my children suffer even worse while working so hard to heal them. I don’t know where to start to fix my children’s unwellness.

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I didn’t understand it until I saw how my father raised them. My children are not well. Things are never accepted.

But I had to take alternate measures to fix it. I need to heal myself first. Even before them, I had to commit to myself. I had to end my marriage and find the strength to speak up for my children, who don’t have a voice of their own, to pray for them.

The most selfless thing I’ve ever done was put myself first. Finding ME is made possible by standing in my power. And it was they who helped us get out of the predicament I was in. Time to tell the world about my experience!

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