You’ve got a high IQ and 20/20 vision if you can spot the rabbit hiding among the cats in under 9 seconds

BELIEVE it or not, there is a bunny hidden among all these adorable cats.

Time to put your vision and brain skills to the test and try finding the odd rabbit out in less than nine seconds.


Can you spot the hidden bunny in less than nine seconds?Credit: jagranjosh

This brainteaser is stumping people all over the internet, but only with a high IQ and 20/20 vision will be able to spot the bunny in time.

Are you ready for the challenge?

If you can find the cute animal in nine seconds or less, you’re a genius!

But if it takes you longer than that, don’t worry – it is not easy to spot it at first glance as this tricky image is meant to test your observation skills.

The key is to quickly examine the elements in the image, row by row.

Soon enough you will be able to notice the slight difference in one of them.

Hurry up – the clock is ticking.

Still nothing? No need to worry as the answer will be highlighted in the image below.

This busy image is a classic example of an optical illusion, JagranJosh reports.

They are created to fool our brains and test our intelligence levels.

Want to give a go at a different challenge?

This mind-boggling picture puzzle has even the most seasoned puzzlers baffled.

If you can find the six hidden words in less than 10 seconds then your language skills are far better than most – they may even be perfect.

The image shows a family of four and their pets chilling out in their living room, but there are words hiding in the background.

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This challenge is no easy feat as the letters are cleverly designed to blend into the objects within the room.

And just to make it even more difficult their are many things happening in the room which distract your eyes from searching for them.

Have you found them yet? Keep looking, as even finding all of them is an achievement, even if you don’t do it within the time.

Here’s a hint, scan the room slowly, one section at a time and look for anything obscure.

Still no luck? Don’t worry we have included the answers below.

There's the hidden bunny! Did you manage to find it yourself?


There’s the hidden bunny! Did you manage to find it yourself?Credit: jagranjosh
Can you uncover the six words hidden in the living room in just 10 seconds?


Can you uncover the six words hidden in the living room in just 10 seconds?Credit: FreshersLive
There are the words, how many did you find?


There are the words, how many did you find?Credit: FreshersLive

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