You really are a brainiac if you can find the hidden remote in the room in less than 10 seconds

YOU could be a puzzle if you can spot a hidden remote in less than 10 seconds.

This tricky quest will allow you to constantly keep an eye on your TV remote during the cold season.


You could be a brain teaser if you can spot a hidden remote in less than 10 seconds Credit: Digtalloft

While some can’t wait to breathe in the fresh air, others prefer to soak up the warmth of the interior space.

Living Cozy, a homewares and furniture review company, has released a series of brain teasers designed for the upcoming season.

Each brain is “facing in” as each is located in a different room.

The image above shows a colorful living room during the day.

A leafy plant divides the room in half, with a sofa on the left and a flat-screen TV on the right.

Various small appliances and objects are scattered around the room.

And somewhere between the little things and the decor is a remote control for the TV.

Did you manage to find it?

If you’re having trouble finding your remote, scroll down to find out.

The item is harder to find than you think.

However, before you do that, try focusing on the lower left corner of the image.

A furry friend is sitting next to the sofa.

The black cat is hunched on the edge of the round rug under the coffee table.

Still can’t find it? Focus on the cat.

A silent animal may know something that you don’t.

A cunning black cat hides him with them in a corner.


A sly black cat hides it with them in a cornerCredit: Digtalloft

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