X-Force Just Permanently Took Down the Villain Who Killed Professor X

Warning: There are spoilers for X-Force #38! After nearly 40 issues, the X-Force spy team’s biggest villain against Krakoa is finally defeated, with the peacock tattooed man killed by his own creepy experiments. he Force X #38.

The man with the peacock tattoo was first introduced as the mysterious leader of the anti-mutant agency XENO, which literally stands for “xenophobic” – in X Force #1While Krakoa’s “wetwork” team encounters many of the villains in issue 38, Peacock remains the “big villain” of the group, especially with regard to mutant assassin Domino, whom he captured. toads and brutal torture.

secret service #37 The identity of the man with the peacock tattoo has finally been revealed, and the man behind the mask has been identified as a replica of David Moreau, known as Kenosha and a ‘mobile engineer’ scary transmission’ of the 1990s X-Tinction Program event.After years of fighting clones of Moreau and XENO, X-Force’s Domino and mutant child Max are finally able to defeat the unsettling villain. X Force #38Written by Benjamin Percy and illustrated by Robert Gill.

XENO is no longer the main threat to Krakoa

X Force #1 Established XENO as a newly formed terrorist organization with a fierce hatred for mutants and a unique obsession with bringing down the mutant nation Krakoa, successfully infiltrating the island , even before kidnapping Domino and transplanting her flesh into the corpses of their soldiers After killing Charles Xavier. The appearance of the man with the peacock tattoo is utterly terrifying, and while the X-Force must face other foes — including their own evil leader, Beast — the transformed clone is Gene is still their most dangerous enemy. secret service #38 Seeing Domino, Deadpool, and Omega Red infiltrate Moreau’s lab on Genosha Island – a former mutant nation – and reveal that XENO’s true purpose is to surpass the work of the original Genegineer and gain access as Moreau’s clone. One way of “revenge” is on the creator himself.

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Morrow clones collected mutated gene samples, as well as one of the Easter eggs from Five, in order to create a human superior to mutants so that humans wouldn’t.”Overcome by mutant evolutionary mistakesIt was recently revealed that Max, the powerful mutant XENO stole from Krakoa’s Bowery, was artificially raised and aged by people with peacock tattoos who used impressive telepathy. himself to create the Omega Man chimera – a “perfect” After transforming the specimen, he then turned to Max and revealed that he had never really cared for the boy To prevent further damage to the boy. Max, Domino stopped him from killing Moreau, took down the villain, and then tied him to his lab table.

X-Force just won their new eraX-Force #38 Man with peacock tattoo gets to play Domino Boxing

Moreau’s revelation that he’s just one of many clones opens up the possibility that people will seek revenge in the future, but toppling XENO would still be a huge win for X-Force. Also, death this Moreau’s clone gives Domino some much-needed healing and returns mutant child Max to Krakoa, ushering in a new era of X-Force. With new mutants like Colossus and Laura Kinney’s Wolverine joining the X-Force in the near future, the death of the man with the peacock tattoo has finally given the mutant commandos a chance to spend their energies for other threats to Krakoa, such as Help Wolverine take down the vile beast once and for all.

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