Win thousands of rupees lottery, then girl talks what happened – ‘I won’t win money’

Jane Park says that when she won the jackpot in 2013, she felt that her life was going to be fun. But that won’t happen. Jane is the youngest British woman to win the £1 million EuroMillions jackpot.

Jane Park won 8.4 million rupees lottery in 2013

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Youngest EuroMillions Winner Ever: London’s Jane Park (Jane Park) became the youngest Briton to win a £1 million EuroMillions jackpot 10 years ago when she won the lottery £8.4 million. Jane is only 17 years old. The owner of a one-time million rupee fortune After that, she spent a lot of money and underwent many plastic surgeries. But now Jane is upset about it. He said I wouldn’t hit this jackpot. He said this on the hit TV show Dr. Phil. On the show, he revealed the side effects after winning the lottery.

Jane says that when she won the jackpot in 2013, she felt that her life was going to be fun. But that won’t happen. Gradually, his friends began to distance themselves from him. Jane said: ‘My life is 10 times better, but all I’m left with is a lot of money and loneliness. I started to feel lonely.

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Millions of rupees were spent on the operation

From a life of luxury to plastic surgery, Jane began spending her lottery winnings. According to a report in 2021, Jane has spent about 500,000 rupees on plastic surgery. In 2017, she had buttock augmentation surgery in Türkiye but was unsuccessful. He had a reaction from an overdose of anesthetic. Because of this, his face and lips are very swollen. Jane says that this reaction saved her from death. It becomes destructive.

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Only the lottery opens the fate

However, in the episode Dr. Phila, Jen also revealed that she had another butt lift surgery after the first failed attempt. Suppose Jane worked as an office assistant before hitting the jackpot. At the time, he lived in a council flat with his mother. According to Jane, this is the only lottery ticket that has changed her life.

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