Why Baizhu May Be The First Genshin Impact Character To Actually Die

With his recent announcement, many long-term Genshin Shock Fans are excited to finally have a chance to use Baizhu Liyue’s Dandra Apothecary. Starting out as a simple NPC in Liyue, Bai Zhu has been predicted to join the playable list ever since it entered the game. However, due to Genshin Shock Dendro, his Vision element, is not added and the player must patiently wait for that element to be introduced before adding him. Now, with Deron in the game, Baizhu announced to join the game Genshin Shock Version 3.6.

The Genshin effect Upcoming character, Bai Zhu, is a smart but kind pharmacist who suffers from a debilitating illness. To achieve this goal, he has searched for the secret of immortality with the help of his pet snake, Eternal Life, in case he eventually dies. The white pearl is also a protector of currents Genshin Shock Help him run the boob pharmacy with the five-star character Kiki, a zombie girl.

What makes Bai Zhu’s death possible in Genshin Impact?

Although they rely on a lot of guesswork, Twitter users white bamboo staple food In theory, Bai Zhu could be the first playable character to die Genshin Shock. Due to his illness and the character themes surrounding the concept of life and death, Baizhu seems to have become a legendary figure in the game who can die.

While this is not a permanent change after his death, it can be a very shocking and exciting turning point. The Genshin effect Character and story, similar to Signora’s death.

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Baizhu’s death will have a negative impact on Yuanshin

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Although his illness seems dangerous, since he is seeking immortality and from the point of view of the story, Bai Zhu’s death would be a very bad business decision for the game. If Baizhu dies permanently, the character will not be able to participate in events and quests, which will directly affect the popularity of his banner. Genshin Shock To be able to kill Bai Zhu while maintaining his popularity, they needed to somehow bring the character back to life, completing the cycle of birth and death that was integral to his character.

Of course, this theory is largely based on Bai Zhu’s theme, combined with his illness, but there are many factors that remain unclear. Also, no Genshin ShockThe playable characters are dead so far, which means there are a lot of logistical issues that need to be worked out before attempting something similar. However, if Bai Zhu died in The Genshin effect Going forward, this will be a hugely impactful story event, especially for those waiting for him to join the playable roster.

source: Bai ChauMains/Twitter

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