Who Is Sakari Smithwick From “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 21?

Season 21 of Hell’s Kitchen will begin on Thursday, September 29 at 8:00 PM ET, with 18 contestants. Hell’s Kitchen’s official synopsis is as follows:

“The competition is sure to be fierce as each team faces grueling culinary challenges with high-stakes prizes and penalties, while boasting age-defying rights. Only those with the correct combination of elements can compete until one is declared the winner.”

According to the summary,

“The ultimate life-changing prize, which includes the position of head chef, $250,000 in prize money and the coveted title of HELL’S KITCHEN winner, is at stake.”

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Season 21 of Hell’s Kitchen will see contestants divided into red and blue teams based on their age. These contestants will complete tough culinary challenges to land their dream jobs at Gordon Ramsay’s franchise restaurant. Among the contestants, viewers will meet chef Sakari Smithwick. Keep reading to learn more about Smithwick, who started his culinary career as a grill chef at McDonald’s.

Smithwick, from Hell’s Kitchen, has been learning to cook for 11 years.

Sakari, from Amityville, has spent years honing her culinary skills. From 2016 to 2019, Sakari worked as Head Chef at various restaurants after earning a BBA in Restaurant Management. He has worked in restaurants like Marea, Eleven Madison Park, and Ukiyo. Furthermore, based on his career trajectory, Hell’s Kitchen participants had many culinary encounters. In addition to his work at the aforementioned restaurants, he also worked as Executive Sous Chef at Jewel Bako where he was responsible for marketing, training, ordering and designing a number of dishes for the food. restaurant menu.

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Smithwick worked as a part-time Sous Chef at Resident Hospitality while working at the restaurant for 8 months. He worked there for 11 months and plans to quit both jobs in February 2020. Finally, in December 2019, he started working as a chef consultant at WS New York for three months. While there, he assisted chef Eli Kaimeh in opening his Hudson Yards restaurant.

Sakari started working as a full-time pastry chef at the restaurant Tribeca in February 2020. He oversees the pastries and breads at the two-Michelin-starred restaurant in Hezee, the Netherlands. While working there, the chef started working at his own restaurant, Noble Promise. He plans to open the restaurant in February 2020. After two years, Sakari is now the owner and head chef of the restaurant. The restaurant’s main goal is to provide excellent food service to low-income neighborhoods.

In addition to managing the restaurant, the chef also runs Noble Promise Studios, through which he supports new talent in the culinary field. He also developed the healthy energy drink Cyber ​​Green Juice, which he advertises on the Women’s World website.

Sakari Smithwick

Smithwick has also traveled extensively during his career. He has just returned from a year working in Europe. In 2019, the chef joined Food Network’s Chopped. Sakari made it to the final dessert round despite not winning the show. Hell’s Kitchen premieres on FOX Thursday, September 29 at 9pm

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