Who Is Corn Kid Tariq? His Age, Parents, Instagram, Dead

Have you seen someone love corn so much that it went viral? Has? Well, his name is Tarik. For those who haven’t, Tariq, aka the Corn Kid, stepped into the spotlight after a chance interview with Julian Shapiro-Barnum in the summer of 2022.

Get to know this kid’s corn lover better as you scroll below.

Is Tariq Corn Kid dead?

Rejoice! Corn Kid Tariq is not dead. He is as healthy and sound as he should be.

So how did the rumors of his death start? Well, it was after people came across a Twitter post with a headline that read, “7-year-old girl found dead last Sunday in gang-related shooting.”

Upon closer inspection, the photo even showed that the story was published by NPR and written by an author named Dustin Jones.

But it is obvious that the post has been edited. Instead, the original news had a different headline about the famous kid behind the song on social media. He read: “Meet South Dakota’s new ambassador for corn, a kid who recently learned that corn is real.”

Kid of Corn Tariq Slava

Corn Kid Tariq was enjoying some grilled corn in the summer of 2022 when Recess Therapy host Julian Shapiro-Barnum approached him. The YouTuber then asked the boy his opinion on corn, and to his delight, Tariq, in his beautiful voice, jumped into a lengthy explanation of why he loves this “big lumpy lump.”

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The adorable clip, uploaded to YouTube on August 4, 2022 (which now has over 7 million views), instantly went viral. And the video gained even more popularity after The Gregory Brothers turned clips of the interview into a song.

Thus, “Corn Kid” was born.

After that, Tariq appeared in a television commercial for the Mexican fast food chain Chipotle and also attended the Pinocchio premiere in Los Angeles. But the best part was when he received the top honor of South Dakota’s official “Ambassador of Corn” from Governor Kristi Noem.

For those of you who don’t know, South Dakota is one of the largest corn producers in the country.

Additionally, Tariqa also invited Drew Barrymore to appear in a food news segment on her show. There, Drew and his co-host, Ross, tasked Tariq with trying corn with different toppings, including corn soda (which got a fair rating), Nutella covered corn covered in sprinkles (which got messy), baby corn (which tasted to “rainwater and carrots”,”) and Quorn’s meatless nugget (which ultimately got the nod).

At the end of the segment, Drew also wanted to make sure Tariq had a “good day” and surprised him with a year’s supply of Quorn meatless products and a $5,000 toy purchase at FAO Schwarz.

Did you know: The Gregory Brothers have teamed up with Tariq to release the song “It’s Corn”. They shared that all profits are shared with Tariq’s family.

Tarik age of the corn kid

Corn Kid Tariq was 7 years old when he went viral in 2022.

Who are the parents of Corn Kid Tariq?

Some may have accused Corn Kid Tariq’s parents of exploiting their son. But according to Tariq’s mother, Jessica, they just wanted a semblance of normality, security and fun for his son while his glory hour winds down.

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He added: “It affected me a lot because people would say mean things like, ‘He’s being taken advantage of,’ ‘He’s being made to do these things.’ But anyone who knows Tariq knows he loves the camera. He loves to talk. And This is something he’s always wanted.”

Also, to avoid recurring painful situations, he did not read the negative comment at all.

Recalling the moment Jessica realized her son had gone viral, she shared: “I got a text with a video from Europe and they said, ‘Isn’t this Tariq?’ They say: ‘He’s on TikTok!’ And then I realized that ‘Oh my gosh, my son is all over the internet.

So, after the TV show bookers started calling, Tariq’s partner quickly found a lawyer and left the administrative part to him.

As for Tariq’s siblings, he has two older sisters.

A family of five lived in a loving home.

Corn Kid Tarik Surname

Corn Kid Tarik’s parents did not allow their son to reveal his last name.

Even at school, Tariq’s mom met with the principal to explain his new situation and establish some ground rules.

Is Corn Kid Tariq on Instagram and TikTok?

No, Corn Kid Tariq was not on Instagram.

However, his mother allowed him to have a @kornboyofficial TikTok account.

Fun fact: Before he opened his own TikTok account, someone was posing as Tarik by the name of @CornKid.

  • Where is Corn Kid Tariq from?

Tariq is from South Dakota.

  • Does Corn Kid Tariq have a Cameo profile?

Yes, Corn Kid Tariq has a profile on Cameo @cornkid.

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Unfortunately, it was not accepting custom video requests at the time of writing.

  • How Much Is Corn Kid Tariq Net Worth?

Corn Kid Tariq’s net worth could not be estimated in 2022.

However, some argued that their parents were underpaid in most societies.

“Someone tell the parents of Tariq the “kid of the corn” that $400 for a billion dollar video is unbelievably low and he could be making at least five figures,” the user tweeted.

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