When Will Avatar: The Way Of Water Leave Theaters?

As James Cameron’s hit sequel continues to dominate the box office, Avatar: The Road of WaterThe Movie’s theatrical run is likely to be extended further, suggesting it won’t be leaving theaters anytime soon. After premiering on December 16, 2022, Avatar: The Road of Water With a gross of $2.27 billion, it quickly became the third highest-grossing film of all time, behind Avengers: Game over ($2.8 billion) and an original work by James Cameron Avatar Movie ($2.92 billion). After 11 weekends in theaters, Avatar: The Road of Water Continuing to top the box office charts and defying modern trends with a theatrical release, the film’s theatrical release is expected to follow in an unusual time.

Disney hasn’t announced a specific date yet Avatar: The Road of Water will leave the theater and not say when Avatar The sequel will stream on Disney+. However, considering the film’s box office revenue is highly profitable for the studio, avatar 2The Disney movie may have the longest run in theatrical run since the 2009 original — and possibly even longer. When evaluating the theatrical run time at the box office during the pandemic, the original Avatar The film and its dwindling commercial performance have come to an end Avatar: The Road of WaterTime in the theater could be better estimated.

When will ‘Avatar 2’ leave theaters based on past box office results

can guarantee Avatar: The Road of Water The film will remain in theaters beyond March 12, as Disney continues to screen the film around the time of the Oscars on that date. avatar 2 With the 2023 Best Picture Oscars looming, there is likely to be renewed interest in the film during the coveted Hollywood event, especially if it wins any major awards. However, mid-March is a very conservative estimate Avatar: The Road of Water will be released in theaters, as the more realistic forecast is that it will end in the summer of 2023.

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Top Gun: Maverickbefore the most recent non-MCU movie avatar 2 broke pandemic-era box office records, with an initial 24 weeks in theaters and nearly $1.5 billion in global box office gross Spider-Man: Nowhere Back The film opens in December 2021 and ends in June 2022, grossing just $2 billion at the box office. Endgame Initially in theaters for about three months and quickly re-released, the film has grossed over $2.7 billion, with most of the highest-grossing Disney films hitting theaters in less than 25 weeks. If you follow Disney’s six-month trend, avatar 2 It could hit theaters as early as June 2023.

However, no one has the power or box office prowess like James Cameron Avatar Franchise, Proposal Avatar: The Road of Water will follow in the footsteps of the original TV series, not Disney’s recent hit. Original Avatar The film spent 34 weeks in theaters and ultimately grossed $2.74 billion. Avatar: The Road of Water Staying in theaters for the same number of weeks, its showing could end in late August or early September 2023. That will keep the 2023 film in theaters for eight months, which may be enough. avatar 2broken box office Avengers: Game overA total of $2.8 billion.

How much money will Avatar 2 make before it hits theaters?

Avatar Water Way 2 billion box office

For a movie that opens in mid-December and faces stiff competition from new MCU installments, comedies and thrillers that have hit theaters since its premiere, Avatar: The Road of Water had an amazingly continuous presence at the box office. The film not only performed well in the top 5 at the weekly box office until March, but also avatar 2 It’s also unlikely to drop significantly on the charts as it continues to bring in at least $5 million every weekend. Avatar: The Road of Water As of the end of February, the film has grossed $2.27 billion and is expected to gross at least $2.5 billion before its release.

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if avatar 2 That total could grow even higher if the film hits theaters until the end of August 2023. James Cameron could make more than $250 million at the box office, plus six months in theaters, especially if the film has a full season. summer to bring families back to theaters .though not sure Avatar: The Road of Water will overcome Endgame And Avatar (2009) ended its debut with a gross of $2.6 billion before hitting theaters, meaning it is likely to overtake at least one lead in subsequent re-releases.

When can Avatar: Way of Water arrive on Disney+

Avatar 2 Disney+

Since the pandemic began, most Disney movies have been released on Disney+ about 45 days after they hit theaters, and blockbusters are released from studios like Black Panther: Wakanda forever Access Disney+ in about 80 days. However, Avatar: The Road of Water The movie has been in theaters for nearly 80 days and still doesn’t have a Disney+ online release date. No matter how many box office giants there are avatar 2 It’s no surprise to Disney that it doesn’t have an online premiere, which is expected to be delayed for as long as possible.

It took seven months for Paramount to give up the box office Top Gun: Maverick Stream on Paramount+, so avatar 2 Can follow. Although it can Avatar: The Road of Water Likely coming to Disney+ around the end of March, it may be in Disney’s best interest to keep the movie exclusive in theaters for as long as possible. like this, Avatar: The Road of Water It probably won’t arrive on Disney+ until the summer of 2023, which may coincide with when it finally leaves theaters.

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