What We Know About The Upcoming Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2 So Far

With a sequel confirmed, there’s still a lot to know about Season 2 of the highly anticipated series Crime Scene Kitchen.

debut on fox crime scene kitchen, a new reality baking competition, in May 2021 and now fans are eagerly awaiting another season update. The series tells the story of bakers who must decipher various types of desserts made in the kitchen using only crumbs, traces of flour, and a few clues. Spectators enjoyed the investigative nature of the match and tried to find out if there would be more matches.

Armed with these clues, bakers need to recreate the desserts made there. Each episode has two rounds, a dessert round and a reveal round. The team that determines the most correct dessert in the first round will receive additional clues during the presentation round. Whoever guesses the dessert correctly in the presentation will not be disqualified. The bakers who guessed wrong were judged by preference, and whoever guessed the most wrong was sent home. crime scene kitchen Hosted by Joel McHale, each episode gives new bakers a chance to participate.

Crime Scene Kitchen will return in 2023

what fans seem to love the most crime scene kitchen Play the role of a detective yourself. Only judges Yolanda Gampp and Curtis Stone know what each round’s dessert is. Thus, viewers can join the dessert guessing contestants as they search for evidence left behind. While some of these are easy to guess, others crime kitchen It turns out that even the best bakers can’t find a clue.

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another element of crime scene kitchen Success is its actor. joel can come back crime scene kitchen Season 2 as the host, as he is also credited as a producer. crime scene kitchen Whether Judges Yolanda and Curtis will remain on the bench has yet to be confirmed. There’s been speculation that Curtis won’t be back since he’s Iron Chef on Netflix Iron Chef: Finding the Iron Legend. but that Chef The reboot premiered on June 15, which means they could finish filming months earlier. So Curtis’ schedule might still allow him to participate crime scene kitchen.

all in all, crime scene kitchen The unique scavenger hunt game format captures the audience and leaves them craving for more. Fox orders earlier this year crime scene kitchen Season 2 announced the rest of their impromptu lineup. next level chef It has also been refreshed for a second season and will return in the new year, while Hell Kitchen Season 21 has been picked up and premiered in September. Release date crime scene kitchen Part 2 has yet to be announced; however, because crime scene kitchen Season 1 premiered at the end of May and it is speculated that fans could be rewarded as early as spring 2023. In the absence of any confirmation, fans will have to wait patiently for more. crime scene kitchen renewed.

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