Unexpected: What Happened To Chloe Mendoza After Season 2 Of TLC Show

when they appear in Accident In season 2, Chloe Mendoza is 16 years old and her boyfriend, Max Schenzel, is 18 years old. Their relationship is of great interest to fans throughout the season. They also appeared in season 3, but the pressure of being young parents made them so. and others appeared in Accident,They broke up as well. However, Chloe built a new life for herself.

Getting pregnant at 16 is not the motherhood most teenage girls imagine. Motherhood dreams often (but not always) involve fantasizing about a fiance, a big wedding, and then a baby. Not for Chloe Mendoza. When she found out she was pregnant, she felt like she had failed as a mother, who is also a teen mom. Chloe also faced pressure from her mother and stepfather to disapprove of Max because of his substance abuse problems.

Despite her objections, she insists on staying with him. After the baby was born, she started looking for an apartment near ASU so she could live with her daughter and Max. Chloe hopes to create a stable family unit. However, that’s not the case. Chloe and Max’s dream of a happy family goes up in smoke when Max falls from the carriage.

Max started abusing drugs again and was even arrested for stealing money from his friend’s mother. Chloe posted a video to YouTube detailing the abuse she suffered at the hands of Max, which eventually led to their breakup. In the video, she says: “The first ban I got was because he slapped me,” She went on to explain that he hit her, kicked her, and threw his phone in her face, injuring her. Check out the video below:

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Domestic violence situations are especially difficult to escape. She managed to get away with it after being accused of abuse. Dealing with addicts was difficult and she was only 18 at the time. Chloe even reached out her hand Accident Co-star Rilah Ferrer, accused of abuse by co-star Anthony Vanelli. Rilah will certainly provide support and advice.

Max’s problems and how they make a relationship sour doesn’t stop her, as she tries to get to ASU to get her degree. She works hard to make a better life for her and Ava. In her own words, that’s really commendable, especially considering how turbulent and terrifying her relationship is. The reality star is meeting new people right now. She seems very happy with her relationship.

Chloe is doing her duty as a good father, while Max continues to run from the police. Chloe and her daughter Ava will be fine if she continues to focus on her children and school. Looks like Chloe has come out of the drama more than ever Accident Actor McKayla Adkis was. For now, Chloe Mendoza is fine.

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