The video of the world’s hardest dance went viral, after people watched it – do you have springs in your legs?

The hardest dance: A video of the fun dance was shared on Twitter with host @TheFigen_. This 1-minute video is creating panic on the internet. Within hours, it was viewed more than 18 million times.

Jolly dance is said to be the hardest dance in the world.

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The most impossible dance: The world of social media is also amazing. Nothing says great things to be seen here. One such dance video has just been released that will have you dancing along. It shows a man moving his legs as if they had a spring inside. According to information, this Jolly Dance (fun dance) is considered by social network users to be the most difficult dance in the world, which is said to be performed in the country of Ivory Coast, West Africa.

This hilarious dance video was made during a cultural event in Africa. On it, you can see a man in traditional costume wearing a mask dancing and shaking his legs. The performer beats his feet very fast, as if he has a spring. Social media users find this form of dance very difficult. Some consider it to be the most difficult dance style in the world.

Watch the world’s hardest dance video here

Jolly’s dance video was shared on Twitter at @TheFigen_. This 1-minute video is creating panic on the internet. The video uploaded a few hours ago has been viewed more than 18 million times. The post received more than 52,000 likes and 10,000 retweets. Hundreds of users also commented. One person wrote, what strength. On the other hand, others say they have never seen a more difficult dance. Well, they’re saying something there, it looks like a spring is attached to the leg.

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According to UNESCO, Jolly is a popular dance performed by the Guro communities in Baufale and Jeuneul. This dance honors the beauty of a woman. The performers wear two kinds of masks in the joyful dance. Blau and Zella.

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