The rescued panda gently hugs the abandoned baby deer, making everyone’s heart melt

Meet the baby deer Hope and the panda Jasper – our main characters today. Last year, Jasper, a baby panda, was found clinging to the brink of life and was rescued by Texas Fawn and Friends – a nonprofit organization for orphaned and injured elk as well. like other animals.

When he miraculously made a full recovery, he did not return to his flock. The reason is Hope – the chick came right after being rescued. An orphaned doe has lost its mother and needs help. From the moment they first met, she lit a fire in Jasper and he decided not to leave her side.

They soon became a family and grew up together. Carie Long, a licensed wildlife rehabilitator at Texas Fawn and Friends, reveals that Hope and Jasper truly love and care for each other. Whenever she was in his line of sight, he would run to hug and lick her. She searches for him at night and lies beside him. It was the sweetest sight anyone could witness in their life.

Lifeguards filmed the two young men as they were walking on the grass and posted the video clip to texasfawnandfriends’ Instagram.

It quickly went viral and reached nearly 4500k views with around 55k heart icons. Animal lovers watching Hope and Jasper couldn’t resist their simple genuine love. They want to go to Texas and meet this cute animal couple.

Plus, Carie chuckles when describing Jasper as a hyperactive brother, Hope only shrinks when he’s around. Not only did he make friends with the kitten, but Jasper also got to hang out with the puppy Tootsie. The raccoon is a friendly and cheerful animal.

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Hopefully a happy fawn has found its home. However, to avoid them being abandoned and harming other deer, the Wildlife Foundation advises people to move away quietly and avoid touching young deer when they see them. Since mother deer will reject her young if they smell human, it’s best to leave them alone. If the fawn is in the driveway or has an emergency, we should immediately call the local wildlife center.

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