The dog waited in the shelter for 9 years before finding a loving adopter

A dog named Beauty was left in a shelter while wandering the streets of Greece as a puppy.

The dog was taken to a refugee camp and had to stay there for nine years. The dog looks sad and desperate. The dog suffers in loneliness.

All the dogs were adopted at the shelter, but she continues to live at the shelter. The dog and 150 other dogs were just waiting for someone to come and adopt her.

The dog was wagging its tail as if it hoped and expected that the people who came here would adopt it.

Last summer, the dog fell ill and contracted leishmaniasis. They were able to ignore her condition and that the dog was adopted by a foster home. The dog is well cared for and cared for.

The dog will no longer have to feel pain. That dog is waiting for a forever home soon.

The owner Zara takes care of and treats the dog properly. The dog is a real fighter for life.

The dog still dreams of having a permanent home. A dog deserves a happy ending and joy with its forever home.

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