Stranger Things Clearly Has A Mike Problem That Season 5 Must Fix

Mike Wheeler is one of the biggest names since Strange things Season 1, but he also became one of the biggest problems. The character, played by Finn Wolfhard, was one of the central characters of the first season, along with his friend Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sink Lay (Lucas Sinclair) and Will Byers (Will Byers). His relationship with Element was one of the highs of the first season, but Mike has since been a problem for the team. Strange things Screenwriter team.

Mike, played by Finn Wolfhard, was supposed to be a supporting character in the first season, along with Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), whom he quickly fell in love with. As the seasons progress, Mike and Eleven become best friends, and at the end of season two she is found alive and living with Jim Hopper, and they become a couple in season three. Mike’s arc shows him ignoring his friends including Will Byers to spend lavishly. time with Eleven Strange things In season three, the friends reconciled in season four, despite Mike admitting how estranged they were.

Compared to his friends, Mike Wheeler hasn’t had much to do over the past few seasons. Strange things.Although he is absolutely vital to the plot Strange things In season one, his relationship with Eleven not only gets in the way of his friendships with Will, Dustin, and Lucas, but also his character arc. Lucas becomes an athlete, Dustin becomes best friends with Steve Harrington, a former bullied nanny, and Will Byers is dealing with his traumatic experiences in The Upside Down and possibly going through it. a more personal arc because Strange things Which means Will is gay. Mike didn’t get that part, making him the least interesting of Hawkins’ original four boys, something that needs to be addressed in the future.

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Why Mike’s ‘Stranger Things’ character journey has to be at the heart of Season 5

FINn Wolfhard as Mike Wheeler in Season 1 of Stranger Things

Mike’s character quickly became less interesting as the seasons went on. Strange things His current presence is primarily to further develop Eleven, as opposed to the more active role of his sister, Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer). Strange things His plot revolves around his feelings for Eleven in the first season and culminates at the end of season four when he frees Eleven from the chains of Henry Krill/001/Vecner and saves his bravery by Max Mayfield. However, Mike’s relationship with Eleven has become his only personality trait, and that’s something season five has to deal with.

Season five was supposed to focus on Will Byers, but Mike Wheeler also needed to be at the center of the story again. Mike needs a storyline that doesn’t depend on his connection to Eleven and will allow him to regain the leadership he loved in season one, actively investigating the Upside-Down parallel universe. Weckner replaces Hawkins Strange things In season five, if Mike’s arc is satisfied, he will have to play a major role in his failure.

Strange things Season 4, Episode 2 is available now on Netflix.

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