STAYC Isa’s Performance On Inkigayo Has Been Canceled Due To An Ankle Injury

STAYC, a girl group, will not be performing on the Inkigayo stage today (July 31). Isa, one of the members, sustained an ankle injury, making it impossible for her to perform under these conditions. The remaining five members will continue with their autograph event and recording for the ISAC (Idol Star Athletics Championships). Isa, a 20-year-old singer known by her real name Lee Chae-young, made her debut with the girl group in 2020. She appreciates being the Stereotype group’s main singer. SWITH, the group’s fans, was taken aback by the news and sympathized with the vocalist. They expressed their concerns on social media, wishing the icon a swift recovery.

STAYC’s Isa will not be participating in any forthcoming events, according to the agency.

Isa, 20, will be absent from the group’s next promotional events. These include a performance by Inkigayo, an autograph session, and ISAC 2022. SWITHs who have been waiting for complete group performances and activities will have to make do for the time being with OT5 programming. HIGH UP Entertainment alerted followers of Isa’s ankle injury on July 31. The 20-year-old was practicing for performance when she injured her right ankle.

“Good day, this is HIGH-UP Entertainment.” We’re writing to let you know about STAYC member Isa’s injuries and to keep you up to speed on the group’s activities. Isa hurt her right ankle today while getting ready for her planned activities and is presently receiving treatment.”

The note also said that the group will not be attending the SBS Inkigayo performance. Typically, ensembles do not bring wounded members to the stage and instead play without them. However, the agency representing the female group decided to cancel the stage performance. Fans may find some solace in the fact that the trio will continue with their signing session and ISAC 2022 shooting. These events, however, will not involve Isa.

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“With the exception of Isa, all STAYC members are still slated to attend today’s autograph session and tomorrow’s scheduled recording for MBC’s ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships.”

She hurt her ankle so she won’t be on Ingikayo today 🥺 hope she rests and feels better soon!

— stephanie⁷⋆*:・゚ (@baepsaebomb) July 31, 2022

NO NOT MY ISA :((((((((((((((

— ًsieun day ! (@samoyecns) July 31, 2022

The message concluded by indicating that the agency would offer periodic health updates on Isa and future activities dependent “on the course of her recuperation.” Fans wished Isa a swift recovery after hearing the news. Meanwhile, the female group made a recent return with the publication of their third single album, We Need Love, on July 19. According to Hanteo Charts, the album sold 201,072 copies in its first week, shattering previous first-week sales records.


The previous record was set by their album YOUNG-LUV.COM, which sold 153,301 copies in its first week. We Need Love is also the female group’s first album to sell over 200,000 copies. The steady rise in record sales indicates the Stereotype female group’s growing popularity with each reappearance.

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