Spread Test: Highlight the shape of your lips and reveal hidden sides of your personality

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Next psychological test It has attracted the interest of many users on the Internet to see if it is true that it can reveal some characteristics of their personality. What does it talk about? In the next picture you will see six different lip shapes and you have to choose which one resembles you the most. After highlighting the number, you will be able to see the result in the lower part of the text. This challenge has gone viral Facebook and other social networks.

Pay attention to the illustration accompanying this note. You will see 6 human lips appear. However, you have to answer how you know what kind of personality you have.

We remind you to be honest because your answers will affect the results you get on this personality test. After you have made your choice in this psychological test, you will know the meaning of each conceivable element in the picture and its meaning in your life.



  • No.1

If your lips are naturally large and full, you are the perfect person to take care of someone. Maybe you spent a lot of time volunteering somewhere or playing with animals as a child. You have an innate maternal instinct and a desire to protect others.

  • No. 2

If your lips fit this description, you were born to be an adventurer. An office job is not for you. You know what it feels like to be happy. You want an energetic lifestyle, new friends, new places to visit and new experiences. You are curious, sociable and open to new adventures.

  • No.3
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If your lips fit this description, you’re probably a real drama. You are charismatic, emotional and simply love life. You are confident and like to be the center of attention. Others can always count on you for funny jokes.

  • 4

If you have a very thin upper lip, you probably have strong qualities that need to be overcome. You are good at persuading others to your point of view, but you know how to keep your point of view. You are successful at most things, but you often find it difficult to maintain romantic relationships because your purpose in life is to be someone, not to be with someone.

  • 5

If your lips are like this, you can be a little naughty. He may seem selfish at first, but he is compassionate and loyal to his loved ones. Things often get out of control because you are constantly questioning your life and happiness, but you will always be there for a friend.

  • No. 6

Normal lips are a sign that you are often alone. You are enough for yourself, you always choose to face your problems alone. He just likes to be alone and can hear his thoughts. Although he likes solitude, he is still completely comfortable with the people he loves.

What is a viral challenge or psychological test?

Carl Gustav Jung was one of the key figures in the early stages of psychoanalysis, he was also the founder of the school of analytical psychology, also known as complex psychology and depth psychology. This is how Jung became famous because his research and analysis of dreams helped to better understand people in their ‘psychic’ states.

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In his work ‘Psychological Types’ he develops his idea of ​​the existence of two “attitudes” (extroversion/introversion) and four “functions” (thoughts/feelings and sensations) /intuition), and refers for the first time to himself – as the goal of psychological development”.

So he outlined different types of psychology that led him to study people based on personality tests or, as it is known today, contagious challenges, by solving them, for allows you to learn more about yourself.


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