Spot 3 Hidden Faces In This Difficult Optical Illusion! Only 10 Seconds To Pass This Visual Test!

Optical Illusions can tell if you are highly observant and possess a high IQ. To find out your smartness level, you can simply solve this hidden faces optical illusion challenge. There are three faces of people hidden in this landscape picture. Can you spot them all?

At Jagran Josh, we bring optical illusions that are challenging visual puzzles to test your cognitive abilities. These illusion images can reveal how your brain processes the information that your eyes see. You will love this optical illusion.

Can You Spot 3 Hidden Faces In This Difficult Optical Illusion Within 10 Seconds?

Here is the image of the visual puzzle in which we can see a man rowing the boat. A girl is also sitting on the boat. With a flower in her hand, she seems to be enjoying the moment. The landscape looks beautiful and serene. But there is more to what meets the eye.

There are 3 hidden faces of people in this illusion drawing. Can you spot them all?

Take this tricky visual test to see if you are a keen observer.

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It is one of the hardest optical illusions you will come across. You will be shocked to know how creatively the faces have been hidden. The challenge gets tougher as you will get 10 seconds only to solve it.

If you are unable to spot all three faces within the time limit, you can check the optical illusion answer below.

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Optical Illusions Answers

Amazing! If you spotted all three hidden faces. However, if you are still looking for them, we have marked their location in the image below.

visual test optical illusions hidden faces

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