Sophia Rosing Father: Who Is Don Rosing? His Age, Job

Meet Don Rosing, the disgraced father of University of Kentucky student Sophia Rosing. Sophia’s racially charged drunken episode also dragged her parents into this hot mess. So who is Don Rosing? How old is he today? What does he do?

Let’s get to know him better here, okay?

Meet Don Rosing, father of Sophia Rosing

Paul Donald Rosing Jr. or Don Rosing is the father of Sophia Rosing. Don is famous for his daughter, but unfortunately not for good reasons. There isn’t much about the relationship between Sophie and her father.

Supporters of this controversy were the first to see Sophia’s father, a student, appear in court where he pleaded not guilty. During the hearing, Don and his wife were in court to support his daughter.

Sophia’s parents were also criticized for her upbringing after the incident. Many felt that her parents were equally responsible and that Sophia is who she is. In a Facebook comment on the publicly shared photo, one commented: “Look, that’s one proud mom and her brother.”

Another wrote: “You can tell racism and hate run in the family.”

Speaking about Sophia bragging about how she comes from money, another added: “Okay, dad looks like he MAY have money, but I know looks aren’t everything. But mother? 1…. Hmm, her face looks like something out of “that” 80s horror movie!”

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Don Rosing wife and children

Don Rosing is married to Sofia’s mother, Jill Rosing (née Algie). By ConanDaily, Mr. and Mrs. Rosing have been married since July 1, 1989. They reportedly exchanged wedding vows in Kenton County, Kentucky. The married couple are now the parents of three children, including Sophia.

The other two children are; Paul Donald Rosing III and Vanessa Rosing.

Don and Jill welcomed Paul III in 1990 to Campbell County. Their daughter Vanessa was born in May 1993.

Don Rosing Job: What do you do for a living?

Don Rosing currently works for Messer Construction. He works at the company as CTO. According Technology Executive Council, Don is an IT professional with more than 20 years helping businesses improve by leveraging the intersection of systems, people, and business needs. With a keen eye focused on what it takes to help a business integrate a new ERP, open a new facility, secure its data, or grow its workforce, success comes in many forms.

Don has a proven track record of facilitating an IT vision with senior management and staff to deliver efficient and cost-effective systems. He deeply values ​​being true to oneself, being caring and authentic to others, and I see every day how fostering continuous learning is the most contagious approach to help push technology forward in companies fighting for real change.

Prior to Messer Construction, Don worked for Hilex Poly. He served as Director of Systems Infrastructure from 2001 to 2012. Prior to that, Don spent 6 years as a Senior Systems Engineer at Angstrom Technologies.

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Prior to that, Don worked at the Kenton County Public Library as a computer network technician. Speaking of his academic qualifications, Don graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Science.

How much is Don Rosing’s net worth?

In 2022, Don Rosing’s net worth should be over $800,000.

The Don Rosing era

In 2022, Donald Rosing is 58 years old. He was supposedly born in April 1964.

Don Rosing’s parents

Don Rosing was born to parents Paul Donald Rosing Sr. and JoAnn Rosing.

His father, Don Sr., retired after many years as a manager of an auto repair shop. He was previously employed by Tri-County Volkswagen and Ande Chevrolet.

Don’s father grew up in West Covington, where he attended St. Ann’s and graduated from Covington Catholic High School. Don was a member of St. Agnes in Ft. Wright. He loved cars and was a member of the Hot Rod Club.

Don’s mother, JoAnn, was the owner and stylist of Trends Beauty Shop in Crescent Springs. She was an avid collector of porcelain dolls, she enjoyed knitting and sewing, reminiscing about her time as a high school cheerleader and hanging out with friends.

One of Don’s sisters, Susan Kramer, passed away some time ago. Don’s other siblings are Beverly (Jay) Furnish of Crescent Springs, Peggy (Marty) Disibio of Villa Hills, and Chris (Sara) Rosing of Portland, Oregon.

The brothers and sisters lost their father on June 17, 2020, when Don Sr. was 82 years old. His mother died on December 11, 2015. Don’s parents were married for 57 years.

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  • Where is Don Rosing from?

Don Rosing is a Kentucky native.

  • When is Don Rosing’s birthday?

Don celebrates his birthday in April.

  • Is Don Rosing on Instagram?

No, Don is not available on Instagram or he may have deleted his social networks.

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