Sons of the Forest: 6 Tips New Players Need To Survive

children of the forest Proud of not giving players too much information when they start the game. They know they must survive on the dangerous island, gather food and fight against cannibals and strange mutants, but they must learn to survive on their own. For inexperienced survival gamers, this can be frustrating, making it hard for them to figure out what they need to do, forcing them to seek advice.

This game is very difficult to survive, players must practice basic control skills children of the forest Because the game doesn’t even teach the player how to manage inventory or cook meat. Players start the game with loads of resources, but they don’t know how to use them, when to use them, or what they’re for. That’s why it’s important to enter the Children of the Forest with some survival skills.

1 Not eating/drinking/sleeping won’t kill you

In most survival games, eating and sleeping are required to maintain the player’s health and avoid death. This results in players having to spend hours trying to build sustainable food and resting places before doing anything else.

In Children of the Forest, the player cannot die without eating or sleeping. Instead, their stamina will be reduced, limiting their ability to resist cannibals. Players can spend time stocking up on resources and weapons before lack of stamina becomes an issue.

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2 Caring for Kelvin

Kelvin supports children in the woods

kelvin is loved by many people children of the forest Players thank him for his helpful AI program and his genuine, almost silly smile and wave. Many fans develop a protective instinct towards their deaf friends, which pays off for them. Kelvin can complete repetitive tasks that many players find laborious, including collecting logs, fishing, and cleaning shelters.

Kelvin avoids combat so as not to get in the way of the player.

If the player remembers to give Kelvin a break, he will remain productive and productive, completing many of the important tasks required at the start of the game.

3 Crafting a spear as your first weapon

How the children of the forest make spears

One of the first recipes players unlock children of the forest A spear made of two sticks and a roll of duct tape. This spear is one of three weapons that the player can craft in the early stages children of the forest, next to the bow and the club. Spears can be thrown to deal short and long range damage. Players can also craft multiple spears so they don’t have to collect them after throwing.

Until players find high-quality weapons like shotguns and machetes, spears will be the best tool against cannibals.

4 Surveying GPS coordinates

The player's GPS in Children of the Forest, showing the map

When players pull out their GPS, they’ll see purple markers scattered across the island. These markers mark the GPS tracker with special tools like pistols. Players can collect GPS trackers and use them to mark important points on the map, such as caves where players collect shovels children of the forest or the location of the 3D printer. Resources found in these locations can help the player sneak into dark caves and continue the main storyline. children of the forest.

5 Diets are the best source of food

Canned goods in the player's inventory in Children of the Forest

Hunting meat or eating wild berries will fill the player’s stomach at the start children of the forestThe best food sources in the game should be rations found in labs, camps, and abandoned crates.

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The serving list includes cereal, ramen, canned goods, MRE, bacon/steak/brain slices and energy bars. This food does not spoil like raw meat and is the best source of food when sneaking into a dark cave. The only downside is that it takes a while to collect the rations children of the forest.

6 Focus on the western half of the island

Northwest corner of the island in Children of the Forest

The player will respawn on the west side of the island, at the edge of the mountains, on the northern beaches, or in the middle of the area. They might want to explore the eastern half of the map, but they won’t be able to access many of the secrets there until they’ve explored the caves on the western half.

The western half of the map includes ventilators, shovels, pistols, string guns, and many other weapons and resources. Players should be able to survive if they focus on those resources first children of the forest.

  • Poster Children of the Forest children of the forest Platform: PC Release time: February 23, 2023 Developer: Game over Publisher: New Night Genre: Survival Horror Multiplayer: Online Co-op Engine: Unity ESRB: Male What it is: The 2018 sequel to Children of the Forest, Children of the Forest is a survival horror game that puts the player in control of a character on a quest to find a missing billionaire on a remote island. sticky rice. What begins as a search and rescue operation quickly turns into a fight for survival as the protagonist quickly learns that the island is not deserted – its inhabitants yearn for only one thing. Prequel: The Forest Mode: single player, multiplayer
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