Slap Kings MOD APK (Unlimited money/Onehit) 1.4.9

Slap Kings MOD APK Info

  • V1: Unlimited Money
  • V2: One hit

Slap Kings welcomes you to the arena where you fight against mighty enemies. Players will role-play and fight turn-based in simple gameplay. You can slap your opponent or get hit by them until you’re exhausted. Overall, Slap Kings isn’t complicated to play, but getting abilities that cost your opponent a lot of stamina is another story. Starting the first turn is also to the player’s advantage. The chance to defeat your opponent can help you win, but it also opens up new and more difficult levels. Slap Kings offers players a simple, fun action game mode.

Although the gameplay is mainly about slapping and attacking opponents, the arena maker has designed it very professionally. It’s not even a boxing match. There is a fence around it, surrounded by spectators watching you and your opponent. The two of them parted the table and used that as motivation to brutally slap them. Similar to Kick the Buddy, Hide ‘N Seek! You will find the thrill in this thrilling action game mode.

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It’s not just you and your opponent in the ring right now. Every action of the match was watched by a lot of fans. I’m not sure if they bet or not, but their cheers also motivate you to win. At least not lose face in front of many people. There are usually only 3 rounds on the screen because the adaptability of the characters is limited. Slap Kings brings in multiple opponents across the country. Competing with muscular guys can make you lose confidence. But in this game, appearance does not decide everything, it only plays a dominant role by appearance. Slap Kings simulates Slap skills in the image of a professional game.

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slap victory

Players and opponents will take turns fighting. In fact, if you haven’t played Slap Kings, you’ll find the word combat a bit exaggerated. But believe me, every match here will bring many levels of extremely intense emotions. Waiting for the right moment helps the character get the most slaps, leading to the opponent’s defeat. Due to poor fitness, one final slap can knock the loser out of the ring. It was a happy moment for the winner, but an unhappy moment for the other.

Kings . mod apk

Your opponent

Slap Kings creates competition between you and many different opponents. They come in many shapes and styles. Quite the opposite of the player character count. You can only use one main character during an epic tournament. Start with a game mode and use Slap to stand on the podium while earning bonuses. Use it to help your character confront many difficult opponents with ease. You will need to turn around and get a slap to keep your opponent alive.


Characters have two main stats: health and strength. If you are thinking of exercising regularly or looking for your favorite sport, stop here. Slap Kings is not too complicated, you need to use bonuses to level up. Each new difficulty level will be higher and there will definitely be a difference in stats between you and your opponent. Obviously, without the new pressure, the game sooner or later becomes boring. Slap Kings allows you to upgrade to improve your character, giving the character more strength and health to resist opponent’s attacks.

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Slap Kings Mod Android

With two choices in Slap Kings, you will master the art of slapping, or stand still and let your opponent do what they want. I’m not sure you’ll heal after giving them a chance. Find the right time for each shot to achieve the best results. Download the Slap Kings mod to enter the arena and fight alongside opponents from all directions.

Download Slap Kings MOD APK for Android (Unlimited Money/Onehit)

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