Shelby Lynn Mother: Who Is Pam Cramer Kendrick?

Meet Pam Cramer Kendrick, mother of Street Outlaws star Shelby Lynn. This article covers details about her age, her job, her husband, and her other children. Find out more about the mother of the young star.

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Meet Pam Cramer Kendrick, Shelby Lynn, Star of Street Outlaws, Father

Pam Cramer Kendrick is the mother of Street Fighter star Shelby Lynn. In October 2019, Pam wished her beloved daughter: “What a surprise…Shelby Lynn had no idea that her daddy and I are working together to make her wish come true…happy birthday my sweet Shelby Kendrick – I love you with everything I .”

Shelby often appears on the Discovery Street Outlaws and has competed in track events against Tricia Day, wife of JJ Da Boss. There are many connections among the members of the Memphis Street Outlaws.

Shelby and JJ, two runners, can often be seen interacting on YouTube videos. Street Outlaws fans often comment on individual videos to praise him as a wonderful father and express how much they enjoy seeing a father’s love for his daughter.

When it comes to racing, Shelby has certainly taken the wing from JJ Da Boss. Precious Cooper, his wife Tricia Day and Mallory Gulley, daughter of Kenneth Gulley, are some of the fastest Memphis street racers he has developed. Various people often congratulate Shelby on his race wins, and furthermore, people refer to JJ as a “great dad”.

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Shelby, aka Da Baby, was always there, ready to compete whenever the Street Outlaws took on the Big Chief’s Memorial Day Classic, the OKC No Prep Kings, or the Texas Outlaw Challenge. She joined the Memphis Street Outlaws team with JJ Da Boss on October 5, 2022, according to her Facebook.

JJ has cast several young actors this season; Shelby especially attracted the attention of the audience. Shelby has been a pretty much a constant presence on the show ever since she joined JJ’s team. Shelby has already won JJ’s Armdrop Challenge not once, not twice, but three times, thanks to her mighty 1969 Camaro called the Cuda that she built herself. Tricia Wayne was beaten by her in a race at JJ’s Armdrop Gulfport Dragway.

Pam Cramer Kendrick Husband and children

Pam Cramer Kendrick is married to Richard Morris Kendrick Jr. Richard was born in 1972. So in 2023 he is 51 years old.

Since May 2010, Richard has been an employee of the Tennessee Air National Guard. He was also an aircraft maintenance manager at FedEx. Richard additionally served as crew chief at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware, from 1991 to 2001. Richard graduated from Bartlett High School in 1990. He graduated from the University of Memphis.

In May 2019, after Richard received his degree, he dedicated this achievement to his children.

He wrote: “I decided to finish my degree to show my children that it can be done. I was supposed to graduate before my son started college, but 2 of my classes were dropped from Business Law 1 and 2. So it took me a little longer. Today was for Steve and Shelby. I owe all of my accomplishments in life to Steve and Shelby because my children have been my driving force and given me purpose. Time to take this and put it to good use. As Steven said, “it’s time to make our mark.”

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However, they appear to be living in different places, suggesting that they are no longer together.

In addition to Shelby, they had a son named Steven Nicholas Kendrick who passed away on January 27, 2019 at the age of 19. Steven was a student at Southwest Tennessee Technical Community College. He was a baseball player, football player, duck hunter, and fisherman who loved the game.

On Steven’s birthday in 2014, Pam wished her late son, “Happy birthday Steven Kendrick. As we celebrated the 15th birthday of this wonderful young man, great son and big brother, everyone was there to welcome him! I love you Steven Kendrick Happy birthday.”

Where is Pam Cramer Kendrick from?

Pam Cramer Kendrick currently lives in Atoka, Tennessee.

Pam Cramer Kendrick Age

Born in 1969, Pam Cramer Kendrick is 53 years old.

Work of Pam Cramer Kendrick

According to her Facebook page, Pam Cramer Kendrick is a stay-at-home mom. She attended Smyrna High School graduating in 1987. She went to Delaware Community Technical College for college.

  • When is Pam Cramer Kendrick’s birthday?

Mr. Cramer Kendrick celebrates his birthday on August 11.

  • Is Pam Cramer Kendrick on Instagram and Facebook?

Yes, you can find Pam Kendrick on Facebook.

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