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As Paramount+’s new entry in the superhero genre, secret headquarters An outstanding cast, led by the talented Owen Wilson, viewers will recognize them from their previous roles. Launching August 12 on subscription streaming service, secret headquarters It may not be a blockbuster that will enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it is an indie action-adventure that highlights its cast and talent with humor and sincerity. . Rated PG, this family-friendly epic comedy has a big budget and a bit of gore to match its comic style.

Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, directed by Henry Just and Ariel Schulman (anomalous phenomenon film franchise), secret headquarters Tells the story of a boy named Charlie and his friends who discover the secret headquarters of the world’s bravest superhero bodyguard. There was only one problem: the guard was probably someone they all knew very well. While trying to evade the onslaught of villains and their minions, Charlie and his gang must do whatever it takes to save the world and unmask the identity of the Guardians. this progress.

Known for its distinctive visual effects, secret headquarters Show off the power of Paramount+ as a premium content streamer. The all-star cast helps elevate this superhero movie to heroic heights, while keeping the story grounded from the young supporting cast’s perspective. Here’s a guide to help you identify these actors and why they might be familiar.

Owen Wilson as Jack Kincaid

Owen Wilson plays Jack Kincaid, an IT specialist acting as a protector, an Iron Man-type superhero tasked with saving the world’s criminals one by one. While camping with his family, Kincaid encounters an otherworldly light who possesses technology that turns him into a superhero. He gets out a lot and has a soft-spoken personality when he’s not fighting crime. He’s divorced from Charlie’s mother and lives in an incredible bachelor’s apartment with the Secret Service’s secret headquarters deep within his building. Audiences will learn about Owen Wilson from his Oscar-nominated work Royal Tenen Baums With frequent collaborator Wes Anderson. As an actor, Wilson has acted in a number of hit films such as midnight in Paris, birth defects, Supermodel, carand Mobius in the Disney+ series stone. Next, he will act with Tiffany Haddish and Rosario Dawson in 2023 haunted house.

Michael Pena as Ansel Argon

Michael Pena Owen Wilson's secret headquarters

Michael Pena, who plays Ansel Argonne, is the main antagonist secret headquarters And carry a strong ego throughout most of the film. Argon is the CEO of Argon Tactical, a failed weapons manufacturer who needs the technology the Guard has to create weapons of mass destruction. He tracks Charlie and his friends to the location of the Secret Guard’s secret headquarters as he tries to find the source before the Guard returns to his sci-fi cave. Michael Peña has a long record of critically acclaimed works like collide, World Trade Center, finish watching, American scamAnd Mars. For Pena, secret headquarters This is not his first foray into the superhero genre, as he has co-starred in films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. ant Man And Ant-Man and the Wasp. Next will see Pena reprising the role of Luis Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Fever.

Jesse Williams as Sean Irons

Captain Sean Irons is a pilot who stumbles across the source at the beginning of the story. secret headquarters Meanwhile, Jack Kincaid discovers it. Source chooses Kincaid over Irons and explodes in front of both, causing Kincaid to have superpowers and burn Irons’ face. For a decade, Iron Man held a grudge against Kincaid, partnering with Argon to find the Guardian and using the Source for other purposes. He may have good intentions, but he’s surrounded by bad guys, making Irons one of the movie’s villains. Williams is best known for his work on ABC gray anatomyand this year’s Tony-nominated Broadway revival take me out.

Walker Scobell as Charlie Kincaid

vox kobel at secret headquarters

as charlie, the actor vox kobel is secret headquarters, appearing in most of the film’s scenes. Charlie has a crush on Maya, who looks a bit more mature than Charlie. One day, he adopts a group of friends who come to his father’s house after school and stumble across the Guard headquarters through a secret passage in the Kincaid house. Playing with HQ’s technology, the young strays discover the Source’s limitless power and vow to protect it from harm at all costs. It’s the antics of Charlie and his friends that give this movie-like comic book much-needed fun and humor. Walker Scobell may not have had many movies, but he is best known for his role in adam’s plan. He will be starring in the next drama Percy Jackson and the Olympic Athletes.

secret command support role

Keith L Williams, Walker Scobell, Kezii Curtis, Momona Tamada and Abby James Witherspoon at Secret HQ

Keith L. Williams as Berger – one of Charlie’s school friends who helps keep Source safe. He is best known for his role as lucas good guy.

Momona Tamada as Maya – Maya is Charlie’s lover and one of her friends who discovered the secret headquarters of the Guard. Tamada is best known for his role in for all the boys franchise and nanny club.

Abby James Witherspoon as Lizzie – Lizzie is Charlie’s cheerful yet cheerful friend who loves to post everything in her life on social media. Witherspoon is the niece of actress Reese Witherspoon, formerly secret headquartersshe appeared in intense pursuit. She will appear next at I will kiss you.

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