Scream 2022’s Deputy Judy Hicks Plot Hole

Warning: Major reveal for The Scream (2022)!

in spite of scream 4 Jodie Hicks Support Vice-Star Returns scream 2022 was a welcome year, and it opened up a plot hole that the series never answered. Due to its whodunit structure, scream There aren’t many recurring characters in the series’ history. The nature of the teen horror series ensures that most new characters, no matter how lovable they are, die by the end of their first story. scream appearance.

It’s part of the job scream 2022 is a refreshing change for many fans, as the long-awaited part doesn’t quite follow that rule of thumb. As well as revealing that the star of the Sidney series ended with scream 3Mark Kincaid, scream 2022 also brings scream 4Lovely Deputy Sheriff Judy Hicks. However, the inclusion of Judy’s son Wes in the proceedings caused scream The story is a bit confusing.

it’s relatively small, but scream However, the events of 2022 seem to have opened a conspiracy hole scream 4In the previous sequel, Judy was Dewey’s second-in-command, eager to work with him on the case while worrying Gail in the process. However, screamThe 2022 reboot never confirmed that Jodie’s never-before-seen son Wes was involved. scream 4the movie is a bit difficult scream The result is a franchise timeline. Wes was at least 18 years old at the time scream 2022, taking place ten years later scream 4That means Deputy Hicks will have an eight-year-old at home throughout the sequel, which seems unlikely.

On one hand, Gale fears that Hicks’ second-in-command will seduce Dewey, even though Hicks has been a single mother for most of this period — or maybe Wes is co-parenting with a father not mentioned in the series. Both movies. Not only that, but Judy also volunteered to watch Jill’s house at night scream 4 Even if the masked killer is hiding and a small child is at home. scream The events of the sequel still add up scream The end of the world is in 2022, but every available explanation seems far-fetched.

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For example, it is possible that Jodie hired a nanny to protect Jill and Sidney, but that seems unlikely since her children may be a priority. It’s also possible that Gail was paranoid about Dewey being lured by Hicks, but that’s very unusual for both Hicks’ loving mother and often sensitive Gail. The news that Judy Hicks has an unnamed child at home makes Gail’s worries seem irrational, and the deputy’s priorities seem completely out of place. However, this scream 4 recon is one of them scream More bizarre revelations in 2022 and a classic explanation still unsatisfactory scream Franchising.

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