Sarah Paulson Stated That Men Did Not Approach Her Because They Assumed She Was Gay

It’s hard to believe that Golden Globe winner Sarah Paulson is having a hard time finding a life partner. The extremely attractive actress with her ability to hook up admitted to Vulture magazine in 2014 that her relationship status wasn’t ideal. She said men don’t ask her out because they think she’s a lesbian and women don’t ask her out because they’re insecure.

The actor never discussed his gender before the reveal. The actress became engaged to actor and writer Tracy Letts in the late 1990s. They broke up shortly after saying that things were not going well despite the fact that they loved each other. Then in 2005, she stunned everyone by kissing her girlfriend Cherry Jones while celebrating Jones’ Tony Award win. Paulson was unknown at the time, but their kiss was widely publicized. The Ratched actress was worried that it might affect her career, but it didn’t happen.

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Is Sarah Paulson a lesbian?

The kiss seemed to be unintentional fun, but Paulson never mentioned it, confusing many, including her pursuers. Paulson and Jones were together for seven years until they split in 2009. Following that, they split amicably. “This is the happiest breakup in history.” “We’ve grown together so much, and now we can say goodbye with a kiss and lots of love,” Jones added. After the breakup, reports began to circulate that Paulson was seeing Holland Taylor. They kept quiet for a year until wiping it out in 2016.

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Paulson has just admitted to having a relationship with Taylor, raising suspicions that she is gay again. She finally addressed it in an interview with The New York Times. Despite being in a relationship with a woman, she told the source that she was not ready to identify as a lesbian.

“If my life choices were based on what communities on both sides expect of me,” Paulson told the publication, “I would feel extremely rigid and I don’t want to feel that way,” Paulson told the publication. She added that the only thing she wanted to say was that she was madly in love with the former Two and a Half Men actor.

Sarah Paulson Holland Taylor’s girlfriend

Since 2015, Paulson and Taylor have been in a relationship. The couple kept it private at the time, but Taylor revealed that she was romantically involved with that woman in an interview with WNYC (via Out). When asked what her girlfriend’s name is, she was silent but said that their age difference is quite large, surprising many people. A year later, the couple made their relationship public and their age difference caused a stir in public opinion. But Paulson isn’t happy with that, and in an interview with Modern Luxury (via People), she said she doesn’t mind the complaints.

Sarah Paulson

“If anyone thinks I’m weird for loving the most amazing person in the world, that’s their problem.” “I’m fine,” said the actress. He also believes that Hollywood has a double standard when it comes to the age difference between heterosexual and gay couples. Paulson replied that she doesn’t remember people going crazy over the romance between Michael Douglas and Catherine-Zeta Jones.

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