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Rebecca Soteros, born in 1974, is the ex-girlfriend of the popular late Hollywood star Paul Walker. The young celebrity hails from the United States. Needless to say, Rebecca is a very understanding and educated lady who has had lots of ups and downs in her life after getting into a relationship with Paul Walker.

If you are a “Fast and Furious” fan, you will know who Paul Walker, aka Brian, was. His untimely death made the entire franchise lose one of the most precious characters in the films. Recently, people started getting interested in Rebecca Soteros’s life as her daughter Meadow Walker officially got married to her long-time boyfriend, Loius Thornton Allan.

Rebecca’s daughter has also shared all these pictures on her Insta account. We could also see Meadow walking up to the aisle holding Vin Diesel’s hand, the co-actor of her father, Paul Walker. So in today’s article, we will share many interesting details about the celebrity. Let us have a quick glance!

Biographical Details Of Rebecca Soteros
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Biographical Details Of Rebecca Soteros

Real NameNicknameFamous forDate of BirthAge Profession BirthplaceCurrent ResidenceSchoolNationalityNet Worth$350K-500K (approximately)Marital Status Boyfriend/HusbandReligionZodiac sign EthnicityParentsSiblingsSocial Media

As we said earlier, Rebecca Soteros was born to her parents in 1974 in the United States. So she is presently 48 years old. However, she used to be popular with the name Rebecca McBrain. Needless to say, she also spent her childhood in California.

Media sources reveal that Rebecca Soteros was born into a small family. No one in her family was connected to any Hollywood personalities, so she was spending her life like a normal girl. According to the reports, initially, she was more interested in her studies rather than dancing and acting. In fact, she also used to do well in her studies at her school.

Needless to say, her family members stay connected with her in whatever decision she takes. They are highly supportive of everything. Her father enrolled her in a private school in California called Christian K-12 School. Later, she attended a reputed college to complete her bachelor’s degree in 1992.

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Who Are Rebecca Soteros Family Members?

If you are a fan of Rebecca Soteros, you would probably want to know more about who her family members are, right? Well, here are the details. The young celebrity is the only daughter of her father, Mark Soteros, and mother, Julie Ann Soteros. However, she has an elder brother, Joshua Soteros.

As of now, there are not many details about her family members. This is because Rebecca prefers to keep her private life away from the prying eyes of the media. Therefore, she rare;y shares any info on the public platform. Rebecca follows Christianity as her religion and belongs to a white ethnical background. Her zodiac sign is Libra.

How Does She Look?

How Does She Look?
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If you have seen Rebecca Soteros’ pictures, you will know that she is highly pretty. Let us share with you some of the details of her physical dimensions. She has a height of 5 ft 5 inches or 165 cm.

As per the sources, Rebecca weighs around 56 kg or 123 lbs. Since she is associated with the entertainment industry, she takes care of herself to stay in shape. Her body stats are 28-36-34 inches. Some distinguishing features that make her unique are her cute smile, bold eyes, and fair complexion.

Rebecca Soteros’ Career & Profession

Rebecca Soteros was not much of a common name until she started making the headlines due to her boyfriend, Paul Walker. He started his career as an actor on TV in his childhood. According to the sources, they were childhood sweethearts and struggled a lot.

The couple started dating each other between 1997-1998. However, the situation changed, and the couple separated. But Rebecca was pregnant at that time with Paul’s child. According to the sources, the celebrity is presently associated with various charity organizations. She helpsout needy people and ensures that they live happy and peaceful lives.

Who Is Rebecca Soteros’ Boyfriend?

Who Is Rebecca Soteros’ Boyfriend?
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This is one of the sections which probably many of you are eager to find out. Well, you are at the right place, as we will share some of the juicy details with you here. According to the sources, Rebecca and Paul met each other when they were young.

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In fact, she also got pregnant during her relationship with Paul Walker and gave birth to her daughter Meadow. According to the sources, she had requested Paul to marry her when she was pregnant with their child; however, before he could, he had an untimely death. Moreover, Paul was pretty young back then and wanted to concentrate on his career rather than settle down by marrying someone.

The couple later got separated, and Rebecca Soteros moved to Hawaii with her daughter. As per the sources, Meadow stayed with her mother for 13 years; however, she shifted to her father, Paul, due to her mother’s alcoholic behavior. In fact, she remained with him until he died, so they naturally shared lots of memories. But things changed for Soteros’ life when Paul died.

Now that Paul Walker is no more, she is trying to get her daughter’s custody with her mother-in-law. Moreover, they took the decision through mutual consent. Presently, they are living in California, United States.

Who Is Rebecca Soteros’ Daughter?

By now, you must have known who her daughter is, right? Yes, it is none other than Meadow Walker, who recently got married. According to the sources, she began her career as a fashion model. Even though she had to struggle hard initially, the young celebrity is currently a popular model.

In fact, she has also done several photoshoots and represented different brands in magazines. Moreover, she is also part of DNA Model Management 3. She is also associated with various charity organizations. At the same time, she maintains the popular Paul Walker Foundations as of today. She married Louis Thornton Allan recently.

What Is Rebecca Soteros’ Net Worth?

According to the sources, Soteros worked as a teacher for a long time and has not earned much in Hawaii as well. There are no concrete details regarding her profession as of now. Now that her boyfriend is dead, she is claiming his properties as the owner.

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So if he wins the case of claiming the assets, her net worth will be massive. However, presently, her net worth is around $350-$500K.

Some Interesting Facts

If you are a fan of Rebecca Soteros, you might want to know more about her personal life, right? Well, here are the details; let us take a look:

  • Rebecca has not dated anyone except Paul Walker.
  • She has a child with Paul.
  • Her daughter recently got married to Louis Thornton Allan
  • She has a cute smile.
  • Her daughter left her due to her alcoholic nature.
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FAQs About Rebecca Soteros

  1. Who is Rebecca Soteros?

She is the ex-wife of the late Hollywood star Paul Walker.

  1. What is the height of Rebecca Soteros?

She is 5 ft and 5 inches tall.

  1. What is the net worth of Rebecca Soteros?

Her net worth is around $350K-$500K.

  1. What is the date of birth of Rebecca Soteros?

She was born in the year 1974.

  1. What is the age of Rebecca Soteros?

Her age is 48 years old as of 2022.

  1. What is Rebecca Soteros’ daughter’s name?

The name of her daughter is Meadow Walker.

Ending Note

So as we conclude, we can say that Rebecca Soteros is one of the most-searched names on the internet after her daughter’s marriage. She came to the limelight mainly after her relationship with her boyfriend, Paul Walker. We hope she is hale and hearty and living a good life after Paul’s death.

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