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Marcela Pagano Wikipedia, eDad, Instagram, Twitter, Wiki

Marcela Pagano Wikipedia, eDad, Instagram, Twitter, Wiki – In a scathing statement posted on her Twitter, journalist Marcela Pagano explained why the Grupo América authorities tried to censor her and why she He was released from the A24.

Marcela Pagano Wikipedia, eDad, Instagram, Twitter, Wiki

“I want to inform you that on Friday night, Grupo América and I parted ways. After seven months of pressure, I realized that while I usually stick to the purely technical principle of “Fire from Pagano Begins,” I couldn’t report to the people who currently run that channel.

Marcela Pagano breaks her silence, revealing her departure from A24.

“Those who have known me as a person and as a professional for the past 17 years in a variety of mass media (radio Mitre, Clarin, mbito Financiero, TN, Canal 13, TV Pblica, etc.) Everyone knows how I work and have never had a problem with a partner or authority,” he continued.

They wanted to tarnish my reputation even though I was an honest and competent employee who relied on my election year earnings to justify the impossible. I know that important journalists also experienced this repression before what happened to me.

sound Due to their journalistic practices, they no longer appear on American television today. Pagano said the station’s management has a habit of firing employees whose ideas and views make them uncomfortable and hinder their interests.

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In each case, the channel management gave quite different explanations for the reasons for these breakups, so I had to meet privately with the people involved or those close to them. The last one was Viviana Canosa, the real reason for my leaving the channel was not revealed to me when the authorities made her read a press release written by the channel management about the public scandal. The channel lawyer mentioned used to be my partner.

“Some of my former and current colleagues can attest to that clear and pervasive bias against women on screen,” continued the writer.

“At this point, I desperately need to remove the voice from that screen, as well as my hearing and reading improved as I deal with the economic issues,” It was important to fire me after two years and two months driving under the control of the current administration. , Pagano continued.

“I want to make it clear that I have never received direct contact from a Department official asking me to limit my reporting as a journalist. The program I run has been heard in EVERY voice. speak.

“Seven months of pressure …”

“I am specifically asked not to invite individuals connected with Mauricio Macri, Patricia Ballrich or the Kirchner economists who also oppose a certain political branch of Frente de Todos, such as Frente de Todos. such as Julia Strada or Sergio Chouza.

In recent weeks, I am not allowed to mark on the board or video that the dollar has appreciated; instead, I can just announce it on the radio when it breaks. I oppose this choice, I was even informed about it while giving an economic essay on television. My reporting to Javier Milei last Wednesday, which coincided with the channel’s afternoon peak, was the final point.

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“I want to thank my American colleagues who have been with me through some of the great times in my career. We appreciate your support, it’s been a pleasure working with you over the years, and we look forward to our next technical meeting.Pagan concluded: “I will tell you more later and discuss my future projects.

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