Power Rangers vs Godzilla Confirms Which One Zord Is His Match

There are few franchises that are more popular for their playful violence and outstanding monster-fighting than Godzilla and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, so it is natural to question which of the two would win in a fight–and as it turns out, Godzilla was no match for one of the Power Ranger’s most iconic Zords. Though that raises another question, which one?

Godzilla made his first appearance in the 1954 Japanese film Godzilla and was originally an allegory for nuclear war. This explains some of Godzilla’s most iconic powers, like his near indestructibility and his atomic breath. In the years since, Godzilla became less of a metaphorical monster of atomic destruction and more of a benevolent kaiju who stood as a defender of humanity against other, more malevolent threats like Rodan, King Ghidorah, and Gigan–a metamorphosis that effectively made Godzilla a hero. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers made their first appearance in the live-action series of the same name in 1993. This team of teenagers has always been heroic, and they handle some of the same kaiju threats as Godzilla with the help of their giant fighting robots called Zords–and it seems those Zords had what it took to take down Godzilla himself.

In the IDW/BOOM! Studios collaborative miniseries Godzilla vs the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers by Cullen Bunn and Freddie Williams II, readers are given an epic showdown that relies entirely on multiversal travel. After Rita Repulsa uses an ancient artifact to travel to an alternate universe without the Power Rangers, she finds herself in the world of Godzilla. Little did she know, the Power Rangers followed her to stop whatever evil scheme she had been brewing. However, when Rita got to this universe, she aligned herself with Godzilla’s villainous extraterrestrial enemies the Xilians, and with their combined forces and evil brilliance, they concocted a plan to pit both of their greatest foes against each other–thus beginning the epic event that is Power Rangers vs Godzilla.

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Which of the Power Rangers’ Zords Took Down Godzilla?

In the second issue of this miniseries, the Rangers have realized what a terrifying threat Godzilla really is after he absolutely demolished the Dragonzord in the previous issue. So, in an effort to take him out as quickly and effectively as possible, the Power Rangers combine their Zords to create the iconic Megazord fully equipped with its Dino Megazord Sword. After sharing a few blows, the Rangers decide to charge their Megazord right towards Godzilla, taking the full might of his atomic breath, all to plunge the sword into the kaiju’s chest to hopefully stop him for good. Thankfully for the Rangers, their tactic worked and Godzilla was forced to retreat from the battle with a giant gash in his chest that was oozing irradiated blue blood.

The fact that the Megazord was enough to defeat Godzilla, even temporarily, is actually pretty shocking given its further forms. Arguably the most powerful Zord-combo is the Mega Dragonzord, and given Godzilla’s reputation of destroying giant robots equal to his own strength (ie Mecha Godzilla), one would assume the Rangers would have to use their strongest Zord to beat him. However, this issue confirms that the Rangers’ Megazord could handle things–proving once and for all which Zord within the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ arsenal is a true match for Godzilla.

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