Pokémon TCG’s Most Expensive Pikachu Cards In 2023

if fans Pokémon Trading Card Game Looking for expensive cards, they need look no further than its mascot: Pikachu. Electric rodents are gamers’ favorites TCG, but even more so for collectors. The presence of Pikachu almost always increases the value of the card. Not all Pikachu cards are created equal, though, as some cards are more valuable than others.

Since its inception, Pikachu has been placed on a large number of cards pokemon card gameestablish. Whether it’s a special event like a booster pack or the introduction of a new mechanic like VMAX, Pikachu will almost certainly be in. As a result, Pikachu cards tend to vary in price. Some may be common and may be worthless; others may be God Pack Secret Rares, such as Pikachu crown of crown And become the most valuable cards in their respective decks.

The most expensive Pikachu card is special in the history of Pokémon TCG

Although there are many types, the Pikachu card is the most expensive They have one thing in common: they all have a unique story pokemon card gameHistory. Whether they come from odd packs of cards, given to a select few, or made with real gold, these cards have a past that makes them special to collectors and as such, they the most expensive in 2023.

#5: Japan Topsun Pikachu 1995 Prism (Blue Back/Ice Prism)


waterfall The Pikachu prism has gained immense value in recent years due to the specificity of its origin. waterfall Card is one of the oldest pokemon card gamewas sold exclusively in Japan from 1995 to 1997. If its pack of two cards filled with gum is any indication, it is waterfall Cards are a bunch of weird stuff. Instead of Pokeballs, they have green or blue Japanese characters on their backs (“blue backs” are considered more common).

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Additionally, a quarter of the cards come with a prismatic hologram leaf effect, featuring “broken glass” or “ice prism” graphics (the latter being more common). These characteristics combine to create waterfall Pikachu Prism is a very valuable card. October 27, 1995 waterfall PSA Grade 10 Pikachu Prism (with blue back and ice prism effect) sells for over $15,000 on eBay.

Although the link to the actual sale of the card has expired, a discussion about the card on the Mt. Moon shows a drop in price at pokemon card game. Additionally, Marvin’s Pikachu Prism sale records confirm that the sale did indeed take place.

Picture of the 2005 winning ring

Pikachu’s appearance will definitely attract attention pokemon card game Cards are more valuable, and that’s exactly what happened in 2005 with Victory Ring’s “Pikachu” card. Prior to 2005, this award card was given to the top three finishers in regional tournaments and only the winning ring. That changed in 2005 when artist Takumi Akabane included Pikachu, making the card sought after not only as a symbol of sporting achievement but also as a valuable investment.

In fact, the 2005 “Pikachu” winning ring has become one of the most valuable cards in the world. pokemon card game The work sold at Heritage auction for $21,000 at PSA level 10. Only 81 of these cards were issued and only 19 of those 81 cards received a PSA 10 rating. Hence, the price The current starting point has risen to $31,500, but it’s not yet on sale at that price.

#3: 24k Gold Pikachu 20th Anniversary

2016 20th Anniversary Japanese Pikachu Card Ginza Tanaka 24k Gold with Pokemon Card and Pikachu itself on the back

In 2016, pokemon card game Famous PokemonOn our 20th anniversary, we present one of the coolest, most expensive cards ever: 24k Gold Pikachu. Crafted by renowned Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka, this unique card is made from 11 grams of real gold. The purchase price at launch is $2100. It sells for much more today, with PSA filings showing a 24k gold Pikachu rated as low as a PSA 5 for $29.520.

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Image of the 2006 World Championship #2 trainer promotional card with the Pokemon tag and Pikachu himself in the background

The 2006 World Championship No. 2 Coach Promotion Card is one of the most expensive thẻ pokemon card game Cards will always be on sale. It falls under the following categories pokemon card game The cards are known as World Champion Coach cards, which are considered very valuable. Only awarded to the top of the list pokemon card game For players, these cards are extremely rare. That’s why in February 2021, according to CardsPriceGuide, this 2006 PSA-9 World Championship 2nd Class Coach Promotional Card sold for over $91,000 after 150 bids. contractor.

The high value of this card suggests that early world champion trainer cards – especially those with a Pikachu theme – could be more valuable. In fact, the PSA-Rated #1 Trainer card since 1997 is now listed on eBay for $2 million. PSA profiling cannot currently verify that they are legitimate listings, and such sales often take place at auctions rather than online marketplaces.

#1: Logan Paul’s Million Dollar Pikachu Illustrations

Illustration card Pikachu

Pikachu card is not only the most expensive Pikachu card but also the most expensive pokemon card game card ever. The card itself has a unique and special history. 1998, Japan Magazine coro coro Hold Pokemon In the illustration competition, the contestants received a “Pikachu Illustrator” card drawn by Atsuko Nishida, the creator of Pikachu. Only about 40 copies of this card were printed and 39 were awarded, making it one of the most unique cards ever created. So far, PSA has only been classified 20, so we have very little information on how many are still in circulation.

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Previously, cards were sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Kotaku Pikachu illustration is said to hold the most expensive record pokemon card game The PSA NM 7 class card sells for $325,000. In February 2022, another illustrated Pikachu card with the same rating broke that record when it was auctioned for $900,000. But no matter how big those records are, they pale in comparison to those broken by infamous YouTuber Logan Paul. pokemon card game Buy PSA 10 Pikachu Illustrator in 2022 for $5,300,000.

Paul had a controversial relationship with Paul pokemon card game When he bought the Pikachu illustration. Just in early 2022, Paul bought an unopened box that was classified PSA Basic set first version The $3.5 million card turned out to be fake. This caused a huge controversy with the PSA, which has since become more rigorous, more expensive, and time-consuming. Paul will make millions more PokemonThe related purchases in the same year were surprising. But maybe that means Pikachu and pokemon card game.

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