Pokémon TCG: 10 Most Expensive Collection Boxes

Among the many favorite boxes released Pokémon Trading Card Game, the 10 most expensive boxes earn high price tags with rare cards, beautiful artwork, and fan-favorite Pokémon. While those prices should rise again over time as collectible boxes become available, demand for these products has generally been steady, thanks to the extra detail the Pokémon Company intentionally included. cards inside. These include different Holo versions, texture cards, and alternative art found nowhere else.

Prices for these collectibles vary from site to site. Rare general estimate PokémonExchange The prices of collectible boxes are usually based on their used market value, as new copies of these boxes are rarely produced. These prices are therefore based on averages from actual, complete online marketplace listings (via eBay). Additionally, these listings are for unopened, undamaged boxes only, which means the box itself and the contents are likely to be in perfect condition.

10 The Pokémon Champion’s Path Elite Training Boxes With Fan-Favorite Shiny Pokémon Inside – $90

this Champion Road Elite Coach The box exudes authority: the metal Charizard design with copper tones on the front gives the collection a premium feel, perfect for Pokémon display box. but the main reason for the road to the championship Pokémon Trading Game High in the collection is the fan-favorite Shiny Charizard V card. Any Charizard card sells well, but the Shiny version is rare – this card alone can fetch around $200.

Pokémon Hidden Fates Elite Trainer Box with 9 Legendary Characters – $115

Pokémon TCG Hidden Fates Elite Trainer Collection Box.

Hidden Fates Elite Trainer Box also includes Shiny Charizard, this time in GX form. However, Hidden Fates has a distinct advantage over Champion’s Path: Legendaries. Specifically, collectors can find rare Legendary Bird cards in sets, including Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. Birds are also depicted in the box artwork, making for a great tricolor statement piece.

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8 Shining Legends Darkrai Collection Including Shining Legendaries – $120

Pokémon TCG Shining Legend Darkrai Collection Box.

Taking it to the next level is the Shining Legends Darkrai Collection, improved upon hidden fate Expand by including more legends, including fan favorites Rayquaza and Meow. Even more intriguing is the ability, although extremely rare, to drag a shiny version of a legend into it.

The shiny Raquaza is a collector’s dream with its sleek black color palette. In addition, all other Legendary cards feature full art card designs to stand out in the middle of the game or in the favorites.

The Sword & Shield Super Premium Collection is a must-have for Charizard fans – $130

Super Premium Collection Box Pokémon Sword and Shield TCG.

Given the popularity of Charizard, it’s no surprise that the Pokémon Company decided to release an entire line of boxes themed around it. Though unnamed, the Sword & Shield Super Premium Collection includes three of the best Charizard cards to celebrate the V series: Charizard V, Charizard VMAX, and Charizard VSTAR. Each of these cards is depicted with engraved foil, making them more visually and tactilely appealing. Completing the theme is a Charizard coin with a metallic effect that can be used in a coin toss or more likely displayed as a precious token.

6 Sylveon Collection featuring a unique statue of Sylveon – $240

Pokémon TCG Pokémon Collection Box.

The only Pokémon that can match Charizard’s popularity is Eeveelution and they are immortalized in this Sylveon Collection Box. Eevee’s scalloped arrangement and its evolution are prominently displayed on the front of the box, with the star Sylveon having its own space on one side.

A small statue of Sylveon adds aesthetic value beyond the setting Pokémon Trading Game. But despite all these factors, the collection remains difficult to value due to its rarity and lack of sales figures. This could mean that the value of this set will skyrocket in the future, as Eevee has always been a popular Pokémon.

Shiny 5 VSTAR Box Nessa Rurina introduces Celebrity Gym Leader – $390

Pokemon TCG Shiny VSTAR Nessa Rurina Collection Box.

This shiny VSTAR Nessa Rurina box is currently a Japanese exclusive, but it’s clear why even Western collectors would want a copy. The box itself is gorgeous: the serene, underwater art surrounding Rurina is quite eye-catching. Female coaches also tend to charge high prices for their “foreign service” status in online communities.

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Inside the box, collectors receive very rare shiny VSTAR cards, including a highly sought-after card: Marnie. However, even if the box doesn’t have any good traction, there are enough accessories to justify the high price tag of the set; namely deck boxes and card cases with box art to show off in the game.

4 Pokémon Celebrations Super Premium Collection as Anniversary Collection – $410

Pokémon memorabilia collection box.

The launch of the Pokémon Celebrations Super Premium Collection celebrates Pokémon25th Anniversary, Return to the original Wizards of the Coast Base Pokémon cards and dozens of fan-favorite Pokémon. Perhaps the most famous of these are the metal versions of the base Pikachu and Charizard card sets – although they’re not exactly as rare as the original cards, they do have their own unique vibe.

Besides the actual tags, the box itself is a really nice display piece – unlike some ugly stuff Pokémon Shows. Pikachu’s face is shown on a glossy white box in a minimalist art style. The red static pockets on its cheeks have been replaced with “25” to mark the occasion and remind collectors how far the brand has come.

3 Kanazawa Special Collections With The Cutest Pikachu Cards – $420

Kanazawa Pokémon Collection Box.

The Kanazawa Special Box immediately makes a great impression with its vibrant color scheme and lovely aesthetic. The series was released in Japan to celebrate the opening of the Pokémon Center store in Kanazawa – hence the name of the series. The signature tag of this set is an upside-down female Pikachu with a heart-shaped tail in a kimono. But the other Pokémon in the design are equally beautiful, including Milotic and Sobble, among others.

Hard-core collectors will appreciate not only this card, but also other highly sought-after rare cards of the highest value, such as the aforementioned Marnie card, which alone can be obtained. 220 dollars. Like the previous deck, Box Art can also be enjoyed as deck boxes and decks.

2 Sword and Shield Prestige Collection Box Contains Only One Card – $470

Precious Pokémon Sword and Shield Collection Box.

The Sword & Shield Precious Collection Box is the second most expensive collector’s box, although it contains only one card: the secret rare Pikachu card with special promotion. The art for this card is dramatic, featuring a vibrant burst of blues, oranges and purples, courtesy of Sword and Shield。 In addition, the card has a variety of textures and holograms, making it an item worth displaying.

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However, most collectors buy the collection for the box and its much-needed stuff. Pokémon Accessory. This includes a black leather card holder, a card holder, and a premium frame to display the aforementioned Pikachu cards. Anyone who pre-ordered this box for $135 when it first launched in Japan is making a huge profit.

1 Eevee Heroes Special Box Explodes with Eeveelution – $715

Pokémon Eevee Hero Collection Box.

Eevee Heroes Special Box capitalizes on the full popularity of each Eeveelution to justify its extremely high resale value. Very nice box shape, similar to the impressionist art style Professor Layton series. This footage successfully captures all of the Eeveelution, while also setting the scene for many of their card artworks, such as the accompanying Espeon VMAX. This art is then repeated on the card holder and the accompanying deck.

This box also contains one of the most popular Pokémon worldwide Pokémon Trading Game: Umbreon VMAX with disruptive art. The image of Umbreon crouching around a tall tower grabbing the moon, combined with the rarity of this card, makes it very popular. An unclassified version of this card sells for about $475. Since this is just one of many Eeveelution cards that come with it, the Eevee Heroes Special Box acts as Pokémon Trading Game.

Source: Pokémon/YouTube and eBay Official YouTube Channel

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