Pokémon Go: How To Find (& Catch) Shiny Slugma

Shiny Slugma is finally here Pokémon GO As part of the Hill of Power event.in most of the mainstream Pokémon In the game, unless otherwise stated, all Pokémon can use their Shiny form at the beginning of the game.exist Pokémon GO, a shiny version of a Pokémon that is often added to the game after its base form. These have to do with special events that Pokémon can themed on. Pokémon GO The Mountain of Power event is currently underway and Shiny Slugma is out.

Slug has been added Pokémon GO During the main release in the Johto region. This happened on February 16, 2017. Now, almost five years later, Shiny Slugma has released Mountains of Power. The campaign focuses on mountain-dwelling Pokémon, with a focus on Earth and Rock Pokémon. Slug is a Lava Pokémon that can usually be found in mountains. Shiny Slugma will still exist even after the event ends on January 13 Pokémon GO.

exist Pokémon GO It was by luck. Odds of finding shiny Pokémon in Pokémon GO At a ratio of 1 in 500, it’s unbelievably thin. However, due to this event, slugs are now spawning more frequently, giving players more chances to catch the slug and find its shiny form. The Mount of Power event is by far the best chance for players to find Shiny Slug.

How to find (and catch) shiny slugs in Pokémon GO

There are several ways to Pokémon GO, During and after the event at Mount Power. The first way is through Wild Encounters. Slugs will appear more often in the wild during the Hill of Power event. During this time, the player can use the decoy module or incense. These items will further increase Slugma’s spawn rate, allowing multiple Slugma to spawn at once. The more times it happens, the higher the chance for the trainer to find its Shiny form.

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Another easy way to catch Shiny Slugma is to complete “walk 1 kmField challenge. If they successfully complete this quest, they will be rewarded with an encounter with Slugma. Slugma in this encounter also has a chance to spawn Shiny. Players will need to keep swiping on a PokéStop to find this quest.

Overall, finding a shiny Slugma Pokémon GO It takes time and patience. Slugma also has the opportunity to have his own Pokémon GO Community Day is approaching. Community Day will also make it easy to meet shiny slugs.

Pokémon GO Now available on iOS and Android.

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