PHOTO. A touching story of how a woman was able to save the life of a poor cat that was frozen to death

Walking her dog, the woman saw a package containing a small cat. Alina walks her dog as usual every day. A simple package immediately caught her attention. It is carried from side to side of the track. The woman heard a soft meow. She quickly walked over to the package and joined him. It is fastened with two knots. There’s a little cat in it. He was drenched and frozen with fear. It is very fearful and weak.

Alina quickly carried the package with the cat home to join hands to help the poor cat. Because the cat was so scared, the woman left it in the cage for a few minutes. It made him calm and felt safe and sound.

Alina washed the cat after the baby agreed with the new point of view, as it was very dirty. He eats clean, he also sleeps in a warm place.

The cat is happy with its warm and soft blanket. She even started to purr with delight when she touched it.

Alina feeds cats from syringes and bottles. The bottle and syringe brought him back to life. It is very thirsty and hungry.

Alina has many cats at home. She loves animals, especially dogs and cats. Now the cat is in his new family and loves to play with cats and dogs, he even likes to sleep next to them. The cat’s name is Davey. It is named by the owner.

The cat has completely changed. Today he is happy and leads a carefree life. Thanks to this girl, the poor cat was saved.

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