Only the most discerning people can find the hammer in the jigsaw puzzle in 5 seconds!

IQ Test Quiz: Find Hidden Objects in Picture Puzzles is a very interesting test of observation. Even those with the sharpest eyesight and extraordinary vision would have to scratch their heads to find the hammer hidden in this picture. Test your visual IQ with this quiz. Can you spot the hidden hammer in this picture? You have 5 seconds to solve this puzzle.

Research has shown that picture puzzles provide good mental exercise to strengthen brain muscles, increase creativity and critical thinking, and increase visual IQ, concentration and memory. . Puzzles can make you smarter in many areas of your life, such as driving, reading and working. Solving a picture puzzle every day strengthens the connections between your brain cells and creates new ones.

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Image IQ Test Quiz: Can You Find The Hammer In 5 Seconds?

Here we have a picture that looks like a children’s room. The room is beautifully decorated. There are also bunk beds with included slides. The room is well lit, neat and tidy. But there is a hammer hidden in this room.

Can you find the hammer in the picture?

The claims say that only 1% of people with high visual IQ and sharpest eyesight can find a hammer as quickly as 5 seconds.

Your time starts now!

We have given the answer below. Scroll down only after solving the puzzle.

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Can you find the hammer in the picture in 5 seconds?

Good job!

You have impressive problem-solving skills. Your ability to focus and observe is second to none. You are very good at finding patterns. You like to notice the little details. You have the ability to solve problems creatively.

Find the answer to the Hammer Puzzle

However, if you’re still trying to find the hammer in this puzzle, we’ve provided the answer below.

iq quizzes with answers

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