One Piece Chapter 1054 (additional spoilers): Sabo’s crime, conflict in Wano, and more

One Piece Chapter 1054’s extended spoilers began leaking earlier this morning, being posted to Twitter and other social media and forum sites by reputable names in the community.

While incredibly early for spoilers, their veracity has been confirmed, and they seem to be truly painting a picture of what the upcoming issue will be all about.

One of the most exciting new pieces of information in the latest One Piece Chapter 1054’s spoilers is that Shanks will indeed be appearing in the upcoming issue. Many fans had long hoped and suspected that the Yonko would make an appearance, as well as accurately predicting his immediate goal.

Follow along as this article breaks down the latest One Piece Chapter 1054 spoilers in their entirety.

Note: The article will contain spoilers for the upcoming chapter. Viewer discretion is advised.

One Piece Chapter 1054’s spoilers elaborate on Sabo’s fate, Shanks’ appearance, and more


As mentioned above, additional One Piece Chapter 1054 spoilers have been leaking all over Twitter, Reddit, and series forum sites throughout Monday morning. With the series coming back later this week after a month hiatus, it’s somewhat understandable that spoilers started leaking much earlier than they normally would.

The leaks begin by sharing the chapter’s title, Flame Emperor, like the attack Portgas D. Ace once used via his Flare-Flare Fruit. The issue has a lead color spread which sees the new Yonko appear, those being the two established members – Blackbeard and Shanks, and the two new members – Luffy and Buggy.

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The spoilers begin discussing story content by revealing that Ryokugyu’s Devil Fruit is the “Mori-Mori no Mi,” also called the Forest-Forest Fruit. It is a Logia type, which is certainly surprising considering many fans had it pegged as Paramecia or even Zoan.

Apparently, the remaining Akazaya Nine are seen fighting Ryokugyu, with Yamato joining in and getting a good hit on his head.

Momonosuke also joins in the battle, apparently stopping Yamato from fighting the Admiral. This is most likely so she can leave with the Straw Hats while the Admiral is held back, rather than her missing her opportunity to set sail due to their fight.

Shanks finally appears next, having been confirmed as being in the seas near Wano. As per the spoilers, it seems that they want to see Luffy in Wano, which would imply that Shanks feels his protege has finally risen to become a “great pirate.”

However, they say that they want to finish off Bartolomeo first, who declared war on Shanks in a cover story by burning the Yonko’s flag.

Shanks’ cameo in One Piece Chapter 1054 ends with him announcing that it’s time to go get the One Piece, which is a somewhat confusing statement without elaboration on how he’ll do so.

It’s unknown if he’s in possession of any Road Poneglyphs, or if he merely plans on asking Luffy for his copies of the three his crew has found. Regardless, he seemingly has a plan in mind to accomplish this Odyssean task.

The chapter seemingly ends with a recap of news that has been teased throughout the Wano arc and the Onigashima Raid, more specifically. The world was seemingly thrown into chaos following the Reverie, and fans are finally getting their answers on why, beginning with Sabo’s fate.

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The news within One Piece Chapter 1054 claims that he killed Nefertari Cobra, father of Vivi and King of Arabasta. The news also specifies that he and his comrades were able to rescue Kuma, also implying their safe departure from the Reverie following their accomplishment of this goal.

Apparently, Sabo has also received a new epithet following this incident, that being the “Emperor of Flames,” which is also the title of this particular chapter. At the end of One Piece Chapter 1054, Akainu is seen talking with a new character Kurouma, which can be translated as meaning “black horse.”

One Piece Chapter 1054 certainly brings plenty of excitement and information to the table as the issue marks the series’ return form its month-long hiatus. While fans were expecting a big chapter and leakers teasing it as such, this has likely gone above and beyond the expectations many fans have had.

Be sure to keep up with all One Piece anime, manga, film, and live-action news as the year of the series’ 25th anniversary progresses.

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