Jordan Suwan Bio, Age, Job, 90 Day Fiance Annie Brother

Jordan Suwan appeared in 90 day fiancefranchise and now he and his sister Annie Suwan are not in a cozy relationship at the moment. Annie and Jordan were close, but their relationship had soured a bit since Annie’s last visit to Thailand. Learn more about Jordan in this article.

How old is he? What does he do? Learn more about Annie’s 90 Day Engagement Brother.

90 Day Fiancé: Meet Jordan Suwan, Annie Suwan’s husband

Annie Suwan’s 90 day fiance He traveled to Thailand to repair his relationship with his brother Jordan Suwan. It was her second attempt to bring her brother and cousin to the United States for the second time. However, Jordan is not there to greet her when she gets home. Instead, he decided to work on her motorcycle and distance himself from her.

When Annie’s brother doesn’t know her, she remembers the moment he told her he didn’t want to travel to the United States. Jordan admitted to his sister last season that he wasn’t ready to leave the country. He didn’t want to say goodbye to his friends and family. Annie Suwan worries that Jordan still harbors anti-immigration sentiments. She wants to ensure him a better future. The 90 Day Fiance actress is still trying to help her brother.

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Therefore, you decide to visit him.

However, rather than being interested in joining her in America, Jordan seems to still be angry about the fight they had the last time she was in Thailand. Since she returned to the United States after that vacation, he hasn’t missed her sister too much. But he’s not sure what she can do to cheer him up.

Annie asks how her brother is. Jordan informs a cast member from 90 Day Fiance: After 90 Days that he is fine. She is interested in his height. She then asked him to stand up. She claims to be 164 centimeters tall. She is now taller than her sister.

With that, Annie notices that Jordan’s face has cleared up more than before. She is surprised at how much her little brother has developed since she last saw him. However, she doesn’t want him to be left out. So when her brother finishes fixing the motorcycle, she begs him to come inside.

Unlike last visit, however, this season he has no intention of putting pressure on his brother. So she lets him have space so they can repair her relationship. In fact, although David and Annie planned to have children, they changed their plan to take care of the two teenagers and become their guardians until they finish school and then return to Thailand.

Annie says that she loves her brother more than herself.

When Annie and David visited Thailand, they planned to bring their cousin and brother from Thailand to the United States. They want to break the cycle of poverty and give Amber and Jordan an American education. But getting them back to the US wasn’t as easy as they thought it would be.

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According Soap foamJordan and Amber also received makeovers from Annie’s friend Cindy so they could feel more confident after their first failed interview.

The Jordan Suwan era

Jordan Suwan is 15 years old. He celebrated his birthday on June 1. On his birthday, Annie wished her brother: “Happy birthday to my little brother Jordan 🥳 He is 15 now and I wish you all the happiness in the world. I love you so much and I love to see you shine and be a good person.”

Jordan Suwan Work

Jordan Suwan is currently a student, so he doesn’t have a job yet. He starts getting into trouble and keeps skipping school. David believed that if they went to secondary school in Thailand, they would only end up working on a farm and this would affect David’s plan to break the “cycle of poverty”.

Is Jordan Suwan on Instagram?

Yes, Jordan Suwan is on Instagram (@air.nnth). As of this writing, he has 1,000 followers. In addition, he is also on Facebook.

Jordan Suwan Height

Jordan Suwan is 5’4″.

  • Where does Jordan Suwan live?

Jordan Suwan currently lives in Bueng Kan, Thailand.

  • Is Jordan Suwan dating?

No, Jordan is just a kid. So he’s not dating yet.

  • Why did fans think Jordan Suwan was Annie’s son?

Probably due to the age difference between Jordan and Annie, fans may believe that Jordan is Annie’s son.

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