Monster: Did Jeffrey Dahmer Actually Take Polaroids Of His Victims?

This article discusses Jeffrey Dahmer’s real-life crimes, including pedophilia and murder.

The Beast: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Describes the true story of the notorious serial killer’s bloody murders and the Polaroid photographs he takes of his victims. Created by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan, monster Dramaticize the life and murder of “Milwaukee Cannibal” Jeffrey Dahmer. The Netflix series dramatizes real events and omits elements from Jeffrey Dahmer’s story, leading viewers to question whether some of the crazy habits described actually happened, including including his taking pictures of the victim.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s use of Polaroids is real, not what’s in them The Beast: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Just to make the serial killer’s behavior even more grotesque. Historians suggest that Dahmer photographed his victims as they murdered them so they could relive the experience at a later date. While the Polaroids gave Dahmer an incredible sense of satisfaction, they also saved him from capture.

How a Polaroid Photo Made Police Return One of Jeffrey Dahmer’s Victims

one The Beast: The Jeffrey Dahmer StoryThe ugliest moment comes in episode 2, when serial killer drugged 14-year-old Konerak Sinthasomphone. While doing so, Dahmer took compromising photographs of Sinthasomphone, which he was forced to move into a provocative position. Later, when Sinthasomphone escaped and authorities came to check what had happened, the Polaroid photo was used to convince police that he was Dahmer’s boyfriend. Sinthasomphone was killed within an hour after the police brought him back to Dahmer.

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How Jeffrey Dahmer’s Polaroid Photo Led to His Arrest

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Although police initially believed Jeffrey Dahmer’s Polaroid photo confirmed his relationship with Konerak Sinthasomphone, a thorough investigation of his apartment later proved otherwise. When Tracy Edwards escaped from a serial killer’s apartment in 1991, as Monster: Geoffrey damn story In episode 1, police found 84 photos of Dahmer’s victims in his nightstand drawer. Almost all of these Polaroids were taken in apartments, and they range from photos of the victims before they were alive to photos of corpses, mutilated body parts, and even photos of Dahmer participating in the guild. necrosis.

After the Polaroids were discovered, a full investigation was conducted and body parts of victims from various points in Jeffrey Dahmer’s life were found scattered throughout his apartment. Police found four severed heads, seven skulls, two hearts and several organs in Dahmer’s kitchen and bedroom. This discovery led to Dahmer being arrested and eventually sentenced to 15 life sentences, but if The Beast: The Jeffrey Dahmer StoryHis killing spree might have continued if the police hadn’t discovered the now infamous Polaroid.

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