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You still take damage when you fall from a bottomless pit

A game that combines two famous franchises is almost a new dream for gamers and MEGA MAN X DiVE – MOBILE has made it a reality. A smooth combination of two very familiar names. If you like the fighting and power of the legendary Mega Man, then you will love this game. On the contrary, if you are a longtime fan of “Monster Hunter”, you cannot ignore the above works. MEGA MAN X DiVE – MOBILE is the product of two of the number one brands in the video game industry. What if we control Megaman while hunting monsters?

Megaman is a game series born in Japan. The image of Megaman warrior with powerful armor has been deeply ingrained in people’s hearts. Meanwhile, Monster Hunter seems to be the game born after Megaman. However, it is also very successful, when the element of monster hunting requires many attractive tactics. Now the two games will be merged. Combine two playing styles at once to create something completely new. You will need more time to get used to the new mechanics. If you are already a fan of both series, you need not worry.

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Thanks to the fusion, many interesting elements that exist in both games will be combined. We still meet legendary characters from Megaman and Monster Hunter. This time, they will be in the same world due to a strange event. All will work together to defeat many giant monster machines. A nefarious plot to destroy an evil scientist’s Force. He has many modern weapons and the power to change the world. This is also the first time you see the combination of combat mechanics. All Megaman and Monster Hunter characters will combine powers in the newest and most unique ways.

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Due to the combination of robot energy mechanism and monster hunting technology, the power in the game will be very diverse. Use virtual keys and attack to move the fighter around the screen. You don’t need to adjust because the target will always be locked, so all you have to do is hit the attack button.


familiar name

The characters from the Megaman X and Monster Hunter series will work together to protect the world. What matters is who you collect to fight with. Familiar characters like X, Zero… all return with pure power. There are only minor improvements to the level system, qualities, weapons, and skills. Besides proficiency, three other factors are very noticeable outside the game. Use this money to upgrade and buy suitable equipment for your warriors. In battle, everyone has skills that highlight their uniqueness. Don’t forget the supporting cast.

MEGA MAN X DiVE MOBILE mod apk for free

Unlimited action

Fighting in MEGA MAN X DiVE – MOBILE is very comfortable, without any rules. Use the virtual keys to control the fighter to move in the game screen. Screen real estate only from left and right. 3D graphics are kept, making the fighting mechanism both difficult and easy. Enemies can spill over or pop up at any time. Use warrior skills to attack enemies. Sometimes you need to dodge to avoid taking damage. Boss battles will be more difficult. Most of them will be very large and also have many complex skills.


Coordinate to win

Due to the difficulty of the game screen, sometimes it will be difficult for you to overcome it alone. Don’t worry, co-op mode is here to assist you. Find many skilled friends and invite them to battle. Everyone will choose a random character. Together step into the game screen to destroy the enemy. The biggest goal is still the boss that you cannot overcome alone. MEGA MAN X DiVE – MOBILE has a unique skill combo mechanism that allows two characters to stack damage and defeat enemies quickly. This will be what you need to win with your teammates.

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Enter the world with this strange yet familiar combination. Meet the most talented warriors and join them in the fight against dark science. Bring the world of Megaman and Monster Hunter as close as possible. Special interactions between characters from both worlds add to the gameplay experience. It is no exaggeration to say that the MEGA MAN X DiVE – MOBILE mod will give you access to two of the most famous franchises in modern gaming history.

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