Meet Maggie Robinson, Greg Glassman Wife! Age, Job

They say you can climb the highest mountain if you are not alone. Just look at Greg Glassman, CEO of CrossFit. Even after losing half of the fitness company in a divorce from his second wife and partner Lauren Jenai, he rebuilt CrossFit on his own, with some encouragement from his third wife, Maggie Robinson.

So who is Greg’s third wife, Maggie? Find out her age and job in the rest of this article.

Meet Maggie Robinson, Wife of CrossFit’s Greg Glassman

Maggie Robinson first met Greg Glassman in 2013. At the time, she was working as a waitress at a restaurant the owner of CrossFit frequented in San Diego. And they soon fell in love. Well, at least this is the version of the story that Greg prefers to tell.

But in reality, it was Dale Saran, the head of Greg’s law firm, who first asked Maggie out. Unfortunately, he fell asleep in the hot tub and someone had to take her home. That particular “someone” was Greg.

With Greg newlywed and Maggie a struggling waitress, we can only imagine how they could have bonded after that.

In case you didn’t know, Greg was married to Lauren Jenai until 2013. Although the two filed for divorce in 2009, the hassle of passing his CrossFit business to two people never ended. In fact, it was only completed after Lauren quit half of her work.

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Reportedly, Lauren received $16.2 million. But the 4 years of divorce battle that she spent, raising 4 children alone, led her into such a negative spiral that she ended up in depression.

Now CrossFit is much more respected than it was in 2009 when the assets were separated. Greg allegedly obtained the financing he needed in the form of loans from other companies with which he had close relationships to pay off the $16.2 million he owed his ex-wife.

Similarly, Lauren is in a much better place now. Today, she is the owner of Manifesto, a company that helps non-elite athletes become healthier. However, her love life is still in disarray.

Last we checked, she was in a “complicated” relationship with her future second husband, Franklin Tyrone Tucker. Ironically, she still had to post $75,000 bail for Franklin, which was originally set at $2 million! They were expected to divorce after the Franklin case was settled.

As for Greg’s first marriage, it was to Brande Jones, his childhood neighbor.

Children of Maggie Robinson and Greg Glassman

Maggie Robinson and Greg Glassman have two children, a girl and a boy.

So this makes Greg the father of nine children!

His eldest son, Blakely Glassman, and one other were born from his first marriage to Brande Jones. The CrossFit founder then welcomed the next five into this world with his second wife, Lauren Jenai.

Is Maggie Robinson on Instagram?

Maggie Robinson was on Instagram or any other social network.

Also, her husband Greg was not on any social media.

Maggie Robinson Age

Maggie Robinson was 38 years old in 2022.

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She is 28 years younger than her husband Greg Glassman.

Her real name is Marguerita M Robinson.

Who are Maggie Robinson’s parents?

Maggie Robinson was reportedly born to parents Rita J and Robin L Robinson. In March and April 2022, she turned 66 and 65, respectively.

As for his alleged siblings, he has three siblings named Seth D Robinson, Nolan A Robinson, and Haley A Robinson. They were 41, 33 and 36 years old in 2022.

Maggie Robinson’s Business

Maggie Robinson used to be a waitress. But after meeting Greg, she quit her job and began helping her husband with CrossFit.

Her husband Greg started CrossFit when he was 16 years old. At the time, Glassman was not satisfied with the way gymnasts strengthened their bodies. So, with functional movements in mind, he combined calisthenics with other techniques to develop almost an entire CrossFit program in his garage.

He later even dropped out of college to officially launch CrossFit Inc in 2000 in Santa Cruz, California. Now, from its first Seattle-based affiliate gym in 2005, the brand has grown to more than 13,000 gyms worldwide.

However, this does not mean that CrossFit is the best gym. He’s had his fair share of controversy, especially for his unorthodox handling of social media. Recently, Greg himself faced backlash after insensitive tweets about George Floyd.

When Maggie wasn’t working, she loved to get out and travel. Also, when she was younger, she often spent time playing basketball. She even competed in the Crossfit Games.

Fun fact: Greg was kicked out of a few gyms for being disruptive before he got his own place in 2001. And it wasn’t until he started posting his workouts online and they went viral that people took notice.

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  • Where is Maggie Robinson from?

Maggie is from Fallbrook, CA.

  • When is Maggie Robinson’s birthday?

Receive birthday cards in April. This makes her an Aries or Taurus zodiac sign.

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