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In this text entitled ‘Meagan Hester Bio’, allow us to introduce you to the girlfriend of American actor, comedian, producer and writer Jermaine Fowler. He is best known for playing the long-lost son of King Akeem Joffer Lavelle Junson in the romantic comedy. 2 America Is Coming and Franco Wicks in the CBS television sitcom series The best donutsHe was recently praised for the Hulu comedy that premiered on January 13, 2023. Drop (with Anna Konkle). And we thought it was about time we finally introduced Jermaine’s fans to his girlfriend Meagan Hester.

Meet Meagan Hester, Jermaine Fowler’s girlfriend

Meagan Hester isn’t just Jermaine Fowler’s girlfriend. She is also his baby mom. These two already have a great life together even though they haven’t tied the knot yet.

As of this writing, they call Los Angeles home with their adorable youngsters. Their first child, a girl they named Thebe Orion Fowler, was born on July 12, 2017 at 12:45 p.m. The couple was delighted. Meagan then wrote on her Instagram that she and Jermaine have a huge crush on this girl. “Our family is complete now,” she exclaimed. But of course, she wasn’t telling the truth. Because her second bundle of joy, a son, only joined them on February 25, 2020.

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As of May 2020, Meagan and Jermaine have been together for six years. And from this it can be concluded that they have been in a relationship since at least 2014.

Jermaine’s social media posts have mostly been moments from his professional life, but he recently posted a few photos of himself holding his two beautiful children, with Meagan popping up on his feed occasionally.

The Megan Hester era

Meagan Hester was born in 1982. So, in 2022, she turned 40 years old.

On the other hand, Jermaine was born much later. So, on May 16, 2022, he turned 34 years old. He was only 20 years old when he dropped out of college and moved to New York City. During the day he looked for work, and at night he performed at open mics in Times Square.

Where is Megan Hester from?

Meagan Hester hails from Ossining, a town in Westchester County, New York. Although at the time of writing this article, she was based in Los Angeles, California.

Megan Hester’s work

Since January 2023, Meagan Hester has been working as a makeup artist at CBS Television Studios, a job she started in October 2016. Of course, she also continued to work as a personal makeup artist for her longtime girlfriend, Jermaine Fowler.

On LinkedIn, Meagan describes herself as a makeup artist who works in television/film, editorial, commercials, runway shows, and special events. She also mentioned specializing in a wide range of skills from airbrushing, contouring, SPFX, hairstyling, and basic makeup. With experience in front of the camera, Meagan also prides herself on her knowledge of lighting situations and assertiveness with retouching.

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Let us also tell you that Meagan also participated in season 4 of the Syfy reality competition series. face to face. Also, after discovering Tim Burton’s movies, she first fell in love with special effects makeup.

How much is Meagan Hester’s net worth?

Meagan Hester reportedly had a net worth of over $800K as of January 2023.

Before getting paid to work with Nickelodeon, VH1, MTV, Showtime and Music Choice, among others, she trained at Makeup Designory NY-LA in 2005 and Capri Cosmetology the year before.

Her future aspirations, she has always wanted to work on big budget FX movies in Los Angeles and New York doing SPFX and be more involved in sculpting and mold making. A few years ago, she said that she would like to continue her education at FX to become a stronger artist.

Additionally, until 2014, Meagan taught special effects classes in her own studio. G&H special effectswhich he owned at the time with his partner Tyler Green in New York.

The Megan Hester family

Meagan’s father is Robert Hester and her mother is Susan Faiella Dahlke. But it seems the two are no longer together, as Susan mentioned on her Facebook that she is married to Lawrence T. Dahlke.

Today Susan of Schenectady, New York turned 64 in August 2022.

In terms of siblings, Meagan has a brother Nathaniel J Hester who turned 42 in June 2022, and multiple sisters. One sister is Kristen Hester and can be found on Instagram @khester21. She also turns 42 in September 2022. Also, it turns out that IMDB gave her credit for Change (2015), middle game (2017), I looking for votes (2014). Another sister, Jessica Hester, is a director The movie Journey Home. There is also another sister, Angelica Hester. On her Instagram @gellahester she also mentioned that she is the director of the same production company.

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Speaking of Meagan’s husband, Jermaine, he is the second oldest of four children. He also has a twin brother.

  • Is Megan Hester on Instagram?

That. You can find Meagan Hester on Instagram @meaganhestermakeup with 724 posts and 8,497 followers as of January 14, 2022.

  • How tall is Meagan Hester?

Beautiful Meagan Hester stands just under 5’6 inches tall.

  • When is Meagan Hester’s birthday?

Meagan Hester’s birthday is October 26 and that makes her a Scorpio.

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