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love during confinement Jessica and Dustin’s story is a bit different from the other couples in the series. Jessica was going through a painful divorce and was lonely and sad hoping to find love again. She would go to work and cry around the house.

Jessica felt the need to change her life, so she pursued a career in correctional facilities.

“I guess I’m a hopeless romantic, but it always seems to go wrong,” Jessica explains during confessional. “My last marriage was caused by COVID and ended with him sleeping with one of our friends.

Surprisingly, Jessica found love where she worked after meeting Dustin. Jessica claims that she met the man who would change her life during a normal day at work. Inmate Dustin and Correctional Nurse Jessica bonded immediately.

Is Jessica and Dustin’s incarceration love still together?

Love While Incarcerated Jessica and Dustin started going on impromptu dates in prison. To spend time with her, Dustin always found an excuse to go to the prison hospital. Before they knew it, the couple was on the path of love when one thing led to another. Things quickly escalated between them.

It became increasingly difficult to visit each other every day without angering the prison authorities. Jessica came up with a new strategy.

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The star of the series Love After Lockup decided. Jessica wants nothing more than a romantic relationship with Dustin. However, since relationships between inmates and prison staff are strictly prohibited, Jessica quits her job and abandons her career to be with Dustin, her new love.

Not only that, love during confinement the couple intends to stay together forever. Jessica is ready to make it and follow her heart at all costs. She won’t just leave her job. To be with Dustin when he’s released, she’s ready to pack up and move to Tennessee.

However, there is a catch. Jessica has a few errands to run before they can be together in Tennessee. Before she can continue her relationship with Dustin, she must first meet her family, then win her affections and obtain her consent. She thinks it shouldn’t be a particularly demanding task. But it won’t be as simple as she predicts. She thinks that Dustin is being treated unfairly in prison because of him. She goes on to say that the Department of Commerce is trying to separate the Amor couple during lockdown.

Jessica wholeheartedly believes that the third time is the charm. On January 3, 2021, Jessica married her second husband in Jacksonville, Florida. This is undoubtedly at the heart of the COVID pandemic. Jessica filed for divorce on March 30, 2022, after just over a year of marriage.

According i’m getting oldJessica’s second husband was a soldier who is now a firefighter. He was previously married for 13 years, which ended in divorce in 2017.

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However, Jessica feels she can offer him everything Dustin never had in a woman. Jessica has been married twice before and is the mother of two teenage daughters. She plans to move them in with her, but fans of the series are worried about her two daughters.

love during confinement WEtv viewers are concerned that Jessica isn’t looking out for her daughters’ safety. Jessica’s friend asked her why she chose to date the prisoner. Jessica also spoke about her daughter Bailey’s concerns about her.

She claims that Bailey has numerous inquiries. If Dustin reverts to his old ways and gets sent back to prison, Bailey wonders what would happen. She worries about it because her love during confinement a mother changes a whole life, everyone will have to deal with the consequences if something goes wrong.

Bailey never met Dustin. She is a bit skeptical about her mother’s crush on him.

Love During Jessica Age Lockdown

At the time of filming the series Love during the confinement, he was 44 years old.

What is love during lockdown Jessica Surname?

Jessica from Love during lockup is keeping her last name under wraps for now.

Love During Lockdown The Jessica Family

Love during the shutdown of fame Jessica is quite reserved with her family. She seems to belong to a Hispanic household. However, she has yet to reveal details about her parents and siblings.

Love During Jessica Job’s Shutdown

Doing for a living, love during confinement star Jessica worked as a correctional nurse. According to, a correctional nurse earns an average of $57,842 per year.

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Jessica, how high is love during lockdown?

WeTV star Jessica has a moderate height of 5 feet 6 inches. In one of the episodes, Jessica expressed her devotion to Dustin by tattooing his last name on her lower torso. Jessica decided to get Dustin’s last name tattooed on her body instead of his first name.

Perhaps getting his last name tattooed on her torso was a no-brainer for Jessica considering she clearly intends to marry him one day. Jessica says on the show that they shared that the tattoo means they will be together “for ever and ever.”

  • Where is Jessica Love from during lockdown?

WeTV’s Jessica is a resident of Jacksonville, Florida.

  • Love during incarceration is Jessica on Instagram?

Yes, it appears to be Jessica from Love After Lockup on Instagram (@jessika.loveafterlockup). However, her profile is currently private.

  • When is love over Jessica’s birthday closing?

There is currently no information available on the web about the date of birth or birthday of Love during lockup.

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